Couplings and Friends Comparison

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The show had low ratings, but its popularity soon increased and by the end of the third series the show had achieved decent ratings in the UK. It also aired in BBC America and surprisingly had a little success. Friends is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series revolves around a group of friends in Manhattan. Filming for the series took place at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California in front of a live studio audience.

The series finale (the 236th episode), airing on May 6, 2004, was watched by 51.  million American viewers, making it the fourth most watched series finale in television history and the most watched episode of the decade. [ Comparison There are three males and three females in Coupling and Friends. In Friends, they always meet up at Central Park (cafe) to talk and in Couplings, they meet in a pub, which is conventional. Couplings British fans have loved the series and love the humour and the dynamic of it and they have also said that Couplings, by far, is better than Friends because Friends has few basic, non going storylines that are not funny but they love the humour of Couplings.

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In my opinion, I think that Friends is more funnier than Couplings because as Friends started, the cast were in their mid 20s and they funny and had that sort of funny edge to them really. But when I watched the first episode of Coupling, I thought “great… this show is for old people” because the cast looked old because they were in their late 30s.

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Some things were funny but not funny, meaning you could understand the joke, but you aren’t laughing out loud, that sort of thing.

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