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Corporate governance Essays

The External Institutions of Corporate Governance: regulators, markets, auditors and others

The author must decide the extend of testing or the number of items to audit. For example when auditing cash receipts, an auditor may decide...

Corporate governance ethics

Introduction Ethics is one of the principles that govern the operation of corporations. It is therefore important for corporations to obs...

Corporate governance

Introduction Corporate governance refers to a system of mostly rules, practices as well as procedures that direct as well as control a co...

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Case Study: Transact Insurance Ltd

NB: You need to work with your teammates. You’re welcome to do it individually as well. Read the case study of Transact Insurance Ltd. Use ...


CHAPTER 19 CORPORATIONS 1. – THE NATURE AND CLASSIFICATION OF CORPORATIONS A corporation is a legal entity created and recognized by state...

David Myers, Worldcom

Introduction WorldCom was America's second largest telecom company in 2000 (The WorldCom Accounting Scandal, 2002). Making a modest beginni...

Stakeholder theory as an organisational management theory supports good corporate governance

‘Stakeholder Theory’ as an organisational management concept supports good Corporate Governance models. Discuss whether stakeholder theory ...

Major factors in the social environment

1.Identify and explain the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility. Provide several examples of each ‘layer’ of the pyramid. Identify and...

Corporate Governance

Conduct a review of the governance of your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) in the form of a report to the Chairman (or Pre...

Corporate Governance Assignment

1. Introduction Corporate entities of all types need a governing body. In the case of a company, this is its board of directors. Corporate ...

The Salient Features Of Corporate Governance On Financial Engineering After The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was implemented in 2002 for the improvement of the finical sector through the reinforcement of checks and balances. T...

Corporate Finance AIG Accounting Scandal

On February 9th, 2006, the SEC and the Justice Department settled with AIG for an amount in excess of $1. 6B related to alleged improper acc...

The Importance of Corporate Governance in Organizations

With the recent financial crisis, companies’ defaults and crushes, the importance of corporate governance has risen significantly. Corporate...

Apply or Explain vs Comply or Else

The King II code only applied to certain entities and followed a rule-based based approach hence “Comply or Else” or mandatory corporate gov...

Corporate Governance In Australia

INTRODUCTION Corporate governance is the process by which the corporate can implement proficient decision making, appropriate reso...


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