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Contemporary Importance Of Reading And Writing

I was once wondering about a question “Is the ability to read and write more important today than in the past? ” I remember that I took my time, served myself with a cup of iced tea, lit up a cigarette, and began to think about it. I came to the conclusion that in the current world these abilities are more important than in the past simply because we are now living in the highly information based society which is related to the ongoing globalization.

First and foremost, in the past, the need for exchanging information was limited, and people’s knowledge was at a low level.

Thus, almost all people felt that reading and writing were deluxe demands. Historians examined that, in 14th century, literacy rate among the European population was only 8 percent. Today, in contrast, a high literacy rate is not a pipe dream. Moreover, people have a ton of knowledge conveyed in several ways such as radio, television, and the Internet.

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Daily attacked by huge amount of information, it is likely that one must possess skills to absorb and express his knowledge, communicate with others, and keep pace with the development of society.

Obviously, in this aspect, reading and writing abilities are more essential than ever before. In addition, a burning issue today is the globalization trend. Looking back into the past, each nation was an isolated entity in terms of politics, economy, and education, and cooperation among countries remained weak. As a result, the demand to learn from the outside and expose itself was not highly appreciated.

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Today, people around the globe are well connected to each other. Information and money flow more quickly than ever before. International trade is dramatically increasing.

To do well in business and exchange information efficiently, people need to learn foreign languages, gain insight into cultures, and integrate themselves into the international community. Hence, I am most convinced that reading and writing abilities are big requisites in an ever changing and challenging world. All in all, I think that reading and writing abilities today should be considered more important than in the past because they are useful tools for surviving and succeeding in the modern world. Furthermore, as an old saying goes, ”Open mind, open sight ”, reading and writing also help us broaden our soul.

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