Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of IOS and Android Systems

With technic developing frequently, cellphones are particularly popular with general people. There are two main operating systems till now, IOS and Android. They both extremely useful, and both of them have their own advantages which is other systems can not instead of. But there are also some different between them. Which one is the best? Or both of them are excellent? I agree with the last one. Individually, the price between two systems have a huge difference. Android system phones are much cheaper than iPhone.

The iPhone X sells 10,000 yuan when it published at first. And the new product Xiaomi 8 only sells 2700 yuan. Android system phones are affordable, so that most of people will choose the cheap one. For applications, IOS has many advantages. Here are some digitals about the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store: “Android apps: 3. 5 million and iOS apps: 2. 2 million. ” (Hill,S. 2018)

Only to compare with the number, Android is obviously better than IOS. However, quantity can’t be quality.

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Many applications especially games in Android are sometimes useless and delete them immediately. On the contrary, IOS Appstore’s applications are available relatively. “The best mobile games still land on IOS first and they don’t always come to Android. ” (Hill,S. 2018)Android’s one of the main strengths is customizable. Simply speaking, it can set up the layout and change the applications’ location. It is more flexible so that some persons like to tinker their phones. Android is famous for its freedom system, “it also allows you to set up third-party apps as your default options for many things that are still locked down in iOS.

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” (Hill,S. 2018)IOS cannot have the same freedom like Android, you also can set backgrounds but there is limited to put anywhere you want. So Android platform is excellent for editing. Talking about the updates, IOS is in the lead. Its updating speed is frequent and consistent. Almost 90 percent of all iOS devices are now running the latest version. By contrast, only 0. 5 percent of Android devices are running the latest Android 8. 1 Oreo. (Hill,S. 2018)There is no denying that IOS’s uploads cover the most of users.

So they can use the latest features, fix bug and improve their phone’s security. Android phones are mostly have the same problem, the security of phones will be lower with time going by. All in all, IOS is much better than Android at this side. The camera pixel of IOS and Android are different. IOS smartphones’ camera always at the high level. Every series of iPhone all improve their camera pixel. The new iPhone XS has the 7,000,000 pixels, the quality of cellphone camera is much better than Android Google’s Pixel 2 XL. And there are many lower quality cameras Android phones at the market. “There’s more variation on Android simply because OEMs tend to add their own camera apps with lots of features, some good, some a bit gimmicky. ” (Hill,S. 2018)Obviously, pragmatic thing is the best thing. IOS wins Android at this side. Be focus on the cloud services, Android’s cloud storage is easier to use and valuable. There are 15GB which Google Drive offers and you only can get 5GB from iCloud. Google Drive can use at any other platform because of its cross-platform support, and iCloud just works with Windows and IOS. If you need an extra space to use, Google Drive just cost $2 per month for 100GB, but “Apple charges $1 per month for 50GB. They both offer 1TB for $10 per month. ” (Hill,S. 2018)So most people will choose Google Drive of Android, IOS may not be catching customers’ mind. Step to an academic topic, talking about the security between two operate systems. “Android is behind in the update world, unless you have a stock Android device, and so it’s less secure. ”(Hill,S. 2018)It is because most of Android cellphone are still running the old versions, which might be hacked by Heartbleed and Stagefright.

Comparing with IOS, it has been “already firmly entrenched in corporateAmerica and has alsoworked on improved security for general consumers”(Hill,S. 2018)Such as the Touch ID and Face ID, IOS always the pioneer of security system create. It is also definitely convenient and effective. “Apple prioritizes user privacy, so you can feel safe knowing your personal data is not stored or read by Apple. ” (Hill,S. 2018)Meanwhile, Android encrypts some data but less level security. It might be stolen by any hackers if they want. Google company try their best to protect user privacy and they provide the AI services. However, some security experts especially Apple say that Google makes a wrong choice between the security and artificial. On the contrary, Apple even went to court with FBI to fight for customers’ right to encryption. There is no denying that IOS is the most secure system. Then let us talk about the Rooting and Jailbreaking. It is a kind of operation which is working on IOS or Android system. It means that you could modify a smartphone to remove restrictions imposed by the operator. For example, if you want to install an application which is unauthorized, then you should jailbreak or root you smartphone. Jailbreaking often work on IOS system.

If you do it, you will definitely install any other applications you want. However, the IOS is a closing system, which means it will be attacked easily if its bugs are enlarge. And your iPhone will run slowly in the few days, even stop working as a result. Comparing with Android system, it is obviously flexible. “Rooting gives you access to more apps, the latest OS updates without waiting, new software skins to get the aesthetic you want. ” (Hill,S. 2018)Because of its opening system, rooting would not have any problems to your phone at the shoot time. Android is more perfect than IOS as this reason. In conclusion, there are diverse disadvantages and benefits between IOS and Android. Seems like Android is much better than IOS in many sides. But IOS wins in some of the more important categories. Ultimately, different people like different categories,“so you should pay attention to the ones that count for you and make your decision based on that. ” But in my opinion, Android tend to win IOS in the few years.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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