Advantages Of Google Android Software Development Computer Science Essay


Android is Operating System package which chiefly is used in nomadic phones. Android was ab initio developed by Android Inc. Google bought Android in 2005. It was released to the universe by the coaction of Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance. Open Handset Alliance is a mob of 78 package, telecom and hardware companies working for the progressing unfastened criterions of nomadic phones. Android runing system package programmed with Java applications. Its executing is based on object oriented application model.

Libraries written in C include the surface director, OpenCore media model, SQLite relational database direction system, OpenGL ES 2.0 3D artworks API, WebKit layout engine, SGL artworks engine, SSL, and Bionic libc.

The Android operating system consists of 12 million lines of codification including 3 million lines of XML, 2.8 million lines of C, 2.1 million lines of Java, and 1.75 million lines of C++ Android has a big community of developers composing application plans ( “ apps ” ) that extend the functionality of the devices. Developers write in the Java linguistic communication, commanding the device via Google-developed Java libraries.

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Google Android is unfastened beginning package. In theory this means that the Google Android package platform will hold a competitory advantage over other runing systems like Symbian, Microsoft Mobile or blackberry


There are a host of advantages that Google ‘s Android will deduce from being unfastened beginning package. Some of the advantages

1. The ability for anyone to custom-make the Google Android platform will open up the applications playing field to little and new participants who lack the fiscal musculus to negociate with wireless bearers like AT & A ; T and Orange.

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The consumer will profit from holding a broad scope of nomadic applications to take from since the monopoly will be broken by Google Android.

2. Although this will depend on the bearer, one will be able to custom-make a nomadic phones utilizing Google Android platform like ne’er before, right down to the screen. Features like conditions inside informations, opening screen, live RSS provenders and even the icons on the gap screen will be able to be customized.

3. In add-on, as a consequence of many nomadic phones transporting Google Android, companies will come up with such advanced merchandises like the location- cognizant services that will supply users with any information they might be in demand of. This information could include cognizing the location of a nearby convenience shop or make fulling station. In add-on the amusement functionalities will be taken a notch higher by Google Android being able to offer on-line existent clip multiplayer games.

The issue from a proficient side:


Android ‘s meat was derived from Linux but has been tweaked by Google outside the chief Linux meat tree. Android does non hold a native X Window System nor does it back up the full set of standard GNU libraries, and this makes it hard to port bing GNU/Linux applications or libraries to Android. However, support for the X Window System is possible.

Support for puting up a web placeholder constellation for WiFi connexions is non available

Support for puting up a web placeholder constellation for APN ( i.e. GSM/EDGE ) connexions is non available.

Android does n’t natively EAP extensions support constellation

Android does non back up Cisco practical private web waiters necessitating XAUTH extensions for IPsec ( L2TP/IPsec and PPTP are supported ) .

Power direction

Battery life on any Smartphone is n’t traveling to be great, but Android is possibly the worst wrongdoer on this forepart. Without peculiarly dynamic power direction on-board, you ‘ll be lucky to acquire much more than a twenty-four hours ‘s usage out of most Androids. Your best stake is to travel manual, exchanging off characteristics with a power control doodad ( there ‘s one built into Android 2.1 ) .

Android Market pilotage

The Android Market is all right if you know precisely what you ‘re looking for, and what it ‘s called. Measure into the Android Market without cognizing these things and your best stake is to seek with a relevant keyword. Unless you know the fast ones of the trade, app find is non easy, or painless.

App scene is populated by tightwads

The Android app scene is stuck in a slippery rhythm. Compared with the App Store, much fewer app fans are willing to fork out any money to purchase apps. You can besides reason that tonss of Android apps are n’t every bit slick as theirA iPhoneA opposite numbers – that they do n’t truly deserve the money – but developers wo n’t be able to pump in the excess hard currency unless there ‘s a nice opportunity they ‘ll do some dorsum. Android Market pilotage has a manus in this excessively, drenching paid-for apps under many free options.

The geek factor

We write about Android about every twenty-four hours, but it ‘s all-too easy to bury how many people there are that have hardly heard of Android – even though they ‘ve likely heard ofA Apple iphone Even the name itself is coated in a thick geeky rubric that wo n’t be easy to agitate off. Buyers will still buy Android phones without cognizing everything about Android itself, but to truly “ acquire ” the platform, a spot of phone instruction is a must.

Update snake pit

Android updates can be delayed for months on some phones, as the new package is tweaked by makers to work with their usage Android UIs and tested by the webs. The delay is frustrating, and has even caused some purchasers to avoid certain makers wholly. The lone manner to avoid it wholly is to by an own-brand Google device like theA Google nexus one

Custom UI concerns

When purchasing an Android phone, you can ne’er rather be certain that its UI will be like, unless it does n’t utilize a usage UI. most Android phoneA do these yearss. These usage UIs are a manner for makers to set their ain cast on an Android phone, but they do n’t ever do the phone better. They ‘ll frequently merely decelerate the phone down and jostle some unneeded ocular spots on top of vanilla Android.


Android 2.1 has merely merely claimed 50 % of Android phones in usage and, in typical manner, it has merely managed to acquire a proper clasp on the Android market as a new version of the OS is released. Will we of all time be free of this annoying atomization of Android? It causes no terminal of compatibility issues with apps, non to advert covetous green eyes in users running an oldie version of the OS.

No desktop Android Market

Adding abuse to injury, non merely is the Android Market a hurting to sift through, there ‘s besides no desktop version that you can see from your Personal computer or Mac. There ‘s a brief prevue on the Android web site, but it ‘s far from complete – merely a selected handful of illustration apps. We browse iTunes with a Personal computer all the clip, and a bigger version of the Android Market would be a fillip.

It ‘s non built for tablets

we ‘ve been keeping out for a nice Android tablet for ages, but a large job with this thought is that Android is merely made with declarations of up to 854A-480 in head. Devicess with screens of a declaration higher than this tend to barricade off Android Market entree, as apps merely wo n’t work decently. An Android device without apps is like a phone that you merely make calls with when it ‘s non in your manus.

The challengers are playing hardball

Android ‘s had it reasonably easy so far. Web OS failed to set up a nice battle against the power of Android and Symbian ‘s non acquiring any younger. Soon go and Windows Phone 7 will come in the ring, and thanks to the recent HP acquisition of Palm, Web OS is n’t out of the battle yet. If Android does n’t screen its act out, these challengers may be able to efficaciously bit off at Android ‘s popularity.

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