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Different Catagories Of Software Computer Science Essay

This assignment is about the four classs of application package that included Custom package, Web based package, Freeware, and Shareware. In this assignment, we will explicate how the system package works with application package.

First and first, Custom Software is package that performs map particular to a concern or industry in other word, it is taylor made package. Example of Custom package are utilizing in banking industry, concern industry and Accounting industries. They play of import function for each company to work out their specific undertaking.

Web Based Software is plan hosted by a web site. Users entree and interact with web based package from any computing machine or devices that is connected to the cyberspace. Example like Web based package is Facebook, Youtube, and Friendster. Web-based package aid user easy to seek the information.

Freeware is copyrighted package provided at no cost by an person or a company that keep all rights to the package. Example of freeware such as Msn Messenger and Online game.

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Freeware give user free to download the package and can portion with other individual.

Shareware is copyrighted package that is distributed at no cost for a period. Example is Antivirus, picture convertor. Shareware help user more apprehension of the package that there may be a little charge by the user to go on to utilize it.

2.1 Custom Software

Custom package besides known as bespoke package.Custom Software is a type of package that is developed either for a specific organisation or map that differs from or is opposite of other already available package.

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Custom package normally used in companies, concern entities and organisations. The companies normally develop usage package to optimise paths of a company and procuring information. Besides that, usage package is besides specially created to schedule equipment and forces resources, to copy, direct paperss and to informations entry.This means that smaller companies, charities or even persons are able to profit from complex package based on edifice blocks which are so customized to suit.

2.1.1 Business Industries

Largely custom package is use in concern industries to optimise path and informations entry.

SmarTrader system

SmarTrader system is a usage package application for stock market. SmarTrader is a research of an extra bargainer instrument that automates the procedure of stock choice and finds particular pre-defined forms in historical informations, this is salvaging much clip and attempt and doing determination on purchase more accurate and good considered. SmarTrader package provides market filtering, proficient analysis and cardinal analysis characteristics. It is the plan with the ability to lade the cardinal information and stock charts from Internet sites and other beginnings.

2.1.2 Banking Industries

Custom package has been use in banking industries in order to work out their specific undertakings of the companies.

An machine-controlled Teller machine ( ATM )

An machine-controlled Teller machine ( ATM ) or automatic banking machine ( ABM ) is a computerised telecommunications device that provides the clients of a fiscal establishment with entree to fiscal minutess in a public infinite without the demand for a teller, human clerk or bank Teller.Using an ATM, clients can entree their bank histories in order to do hard currency withdraw or recognition card and look into their history balances every bit good as purchase cell phone prepaid recognition. Therefore, ATMs frequently provide the best exchange rate for foreign travelers and used for this intent every bit good.

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2.1.3 Accounting Industries

Financial Management System

Financial Management System ( FMS ) represents the accounting package on the market today for turning mid-sized concerns. FMS aid to supply accounting functionality for the user and for the new user. With multi-user functionality and a many sorts of faculties, FMS accounting package is designed to spread out as company grow. FMS package includes history collectible, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Purchase OrderSales and OrderSystem Manager.

2.1.4 Educational Industries

Presents, usage package drama of import function in educational industries in order to assist student more efficient in survey. Today, many of university or college apply their usage package to manage/save the pupil information, information and survey.

Learning Management System

Learning direction system is the system frequently used by college or university to allow any teacher create an on-line schoolroom that includes tests and quizzes, treatment forums, a class calendar, and HTML content. The Instructor ‘s Control Panel lets teachers create and modify class content, create tests and quizzes, pupils and their classs, and much more. This package besides help pupil to regress trailing and controls, automatically generates customizable certifications for go throughing an test, really cost effectual, flexible and customizable.

2.2 Web-Based Software

Web-Based package every bit known as web application is an application that is accessed over a web such as the Internet. Web-Based is a package application that hosted in a browser-controlled environment or coded in a browser-supported linguistic communication and reliant on a common web browser to render the application. Web application ability to update and keep web applications without administering and put ining package. Common web applications include webmail etc.


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Facebook is a societal networking web site that was originally designed for college pupils. Facebook users can make and custom-make their ain profiles with exposures, pictures, and information about themselves. Friends can shop the profiles of other friends and write messages on their pages.

Facebook allowed everyone to fall in and besides added a News Feed characteristic that would air alterations in members ‘ pages to all Facebook users identified in their personal web of friends. Facebook provides an easy manner for friends to maintain in touch and for persons to hold a presence on the Web without necessitating to construct a web site. Other applications are informational, such as intelligence provenders and conditions prognosiss.

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2.2.2 YouTube

YouTube is a picture sharing web site owned by Google that allows users to watch other people ‘s pictures and print their ain. It allows both professional and recreational users to post pictures, which can be viewed by anyone in the universe with an Internet connexion.People besides use YouTube to post instructional pictures, such as bit-by-bit computing machine aid, do-it-yourself ushers, and other how-to pictures. Since Google offers gross sharing for advertizement chinks generated on picture pages, some users have been able to turn YouTube into a profitable endeavor.

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2.2.3 Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the most popular free electronic mail ( webmail ) services, provided by MSN ( Microsoft ) , which is accessible from a Web browser anyplace in the universe. Hotmail offers wholly free histories worldwide with characteristics such as spam filters and enhanced virus scanning & A ; cleansing and storage up to 250MB. Hotmail besides provides users with a agenda calendar and the capableness to salvage contact lists in an reference book. It has over 343 million users worldwide as of 2009. It is available in 36 different linguistic communications.

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2.2.4 Friendster

Friendster allows users to reach other members, maintain those contacts, and portion on-line content and media with those contacts. The web site is besides used for dating and detecting new events, sets, and avocations. Users may portion pictures, exposures, messages and remarks with other members via their profile and their web. A smattering of companies have begun utilizing Friendster-style societal networking to assist concerns and professionals find a perfect lucifer. It is entree to antecedently unapproachable client leads, investors, concern spouses, occupation campaigners, and employers.

2.3 Freeware

Freeware is computing machine package that is available for usage at no cost or for an optional fee. Freeware is package user can download, base on balls about, and without any payment. However, the great portion about freeware is that you ne’er have to pay for it. No 30 twenty-four hours bound, no demo versions, no handicapped characteristics, it ‘s wholly free. Though freeware does non be anything, it is still copyrighted, so other people ca n’t market the package as their ain.

2.3.1 Msn Messenger

Previously known as MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft reply to instant messaging. While mostly the same as its predecessor, Windows Live Messenger is alone for leting you to portion booklets and files locally with fellow users. It besides serves up the usual alive emoticons, blink of an eyes, and bombilations, along with multiplayer gambling, free PC-to-PC naming, nomadic phone messaging, and picture chatting. With window unrecorded courier users can salvage a batch of cost as in phone measures & A ; more. With this we can remain connect to each other or maintain contact without paying any monetary value for it.

2.3.2 Garena

Garena is a freeware that can be downloaded by everyone without payment and bask drama. Garena presently have more than 25 million registered users from over 200 states. Garena package is the one of most popular on-line game package in community and one of the biggest international gamer communities in the universe.

2.3.3 Window Media Player

Window media participant 12 is the most recent window media participant. Windows Media Player includes the ability to change over music and transcript music to pack phonograph record, burn recordable phonograph record in Audio CD format or as informations phonograph record with play lists such as an MP3 Cadmium, content with a digital sound participant ( MP3 participant ) or other nomadic devices, and enable users to buy or lease music from a figure of on-line music shops. Windows Media Player replaced an earlier application called Media Player, adding more characteristics on the new window media participant. With playback of sound, picture and images, along with fast forward, contrary, file markers we could watch film and listen to song without holding any mistake & A ; smooth.

2.3.4 Skype

Skype is a shareware that comes with some truly utile free characteristics like Skype-to-Skype calls, picture naming and instant messaging. But, when you take out a subscription or buy a small wage as you go Skype Credit you can make so much more. And the great thing is that youaa‚¬a„?ll save tonss of money in the procedure. The user can paid on the Subscriptions include limitless calls to landlinesAA? and extra benefits. Name any clip of the twenty-four hours, any twenty-four hours of the hebdomad.

2.4 Definition of shareware

Shareware is proprietary package that is provided to users without payment on a test footing and is frequently limited by any combination of functionality, handiness or convenience. Shareware is frequently offered as a download from an Internet web site or as a compact phonograph record included as a newspaper or magazine. The ground behind shareware is to give purchasers the chance to utilize the plan and justice its utility before buying a licence for the full version of the package.

2.4.1 AVG Anti Virus

AVG Anti Virus is a shareware that can be downloaded by everyone with 30 yearss of test utilizing. This package is designed to give the user computing machine full of virus protection. This package including block viruses, worms, Trojan horses, maintain user private information and prevent hackers from accessing.

2.4.2 Winrar

WinRAR is a popular shareware file archiver and informations compaction public-service corporation. WinRAR is a powerful compaction tool with many integrated extra maps to assist the user to form tight archives. By systematically making smaller archives, WinRAR is frequently faster than the competition. This will salvage user disc infinite and valuable on the job clip as good. WinRAR allows user to divide archives into separate volumes easy, doing it possible to salvage them on several discs. WinRAR is shareware that have the opportunity to exhaustively prove it. The plan can be used perfectly free of charge for 40 yearss test. After 40 yearss of test period, user demands to buy licences to go on usage.

2.4.3 AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter is a shareware picture transition tool produced by Online Media Technologies Ltd, the direct seller of multimedia picture and audio solutions, UK. The plan is designed for carry throughing assorted undertakings involved in place picture production – picture converting and redaction, using picture and audio effects, making disc bill of fare, firing to DVD/ Blu-ray and uploading to portable devices.AVS Video Converter is a convertor that with a period of proving clip. After base on balls the period of test, user demand to buy licence to go on usage.

2.4.4 Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics redacting plan developed and published by Adobe Systems. Photoshop have many sorts of characteristics, illustration like image redaction, media redacting, life, and authoring. Besides that, Adobe Photoshop package delivers breakthrough capablenesss for superior image choices, image retouching, realistic picture, and 3D bulges. Adobe Photoshop give user 30 yearss of test period. If user wants to go on utilizing the package after the free test period, user demands to buy it.


Custom package is taylor made package for the company for case ATM Machine. ATM machine aid people easy to do their dealing. SmarTrader system package provides market filtering, proficient analysis and cardinal analysis characteristics. It is usefull in concern industries.

For Web-based package, such as youtube and facebook allow their member easier to pass on with each other. For Freeware, Msn Messenger allow user easy to reach with their foreign comparative or friends. Window media participant let user to play all sort of file such as music, picture etc. For shareware, AVG Anti Virus assist user to protect their computing machine from virus, Trojan and hacker.


First, we can happen out that usage package is the 1 of application package which gives the benefits to companies, organisation and society. Custom package specially developed for different company and it is taylor made package.

Furthermore, web-based package is an application package hosted by a web site to allowed user to entree and interact with web-based package from any computing machine or device that is connected to the cyberspace.

Freeware is the package that copyrighted package provided at no cost by an person or a company. Freeware let user download it without payment and it is still copyrighted, so other people ca n’t market the package as their ain.

Shareware is copyrighted package that is distributed at no cost for a period. Shareware let purchasers the chance to utilize the plan and justice its utility before buying a licence for the full version of the package.

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