The Competition and Race Between IPhone and Android

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IPhone versus Android, a race of mobile devices with particular operating systems constantly improving and innovating for the public in order to come out on top as best sellers. While IPhone depends of a maker and a maker only, Apple. Android has a bigger shot at competence due to the many large companies contributing to the production of androids, companies such as Samsung or LG. A variety of components come in play in the hunt for the best mobile device revolving around a diversity in prices, styles, and even specs within each device for the public.

And even though the prices seem to have been constantly high for IPhone, the quality, the variety in models and sizes, as well as the extensive agenda of specs, have been leading facts in the placing of IPhone on top as best seller.

As the industry of mobile devices keeps on growing and innovating with new and smarter products, the prices for such devices keeps on getting higher and higher.

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Every year we are presented with not only new products from huge companies such as Apple and Samsung, but also new prices for which, judging from statistics by Flipsy database, “a typical smartphone, including equipment, usage bills and apps, costs a staggering $75,000 over a lifetime.”, one apparently does not mind paying at all. This year we were introduced with an innovative new foldable Android device from Samsung, called the Galaxy Fold. The device starts at no more and no less than $1979.99, still allowing buyers to purchase the device in payment installments of $66 for as long as 30 months, making the Galaxy Fold the highest retail priced mobile device of all time.

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And even though Android officially owns the tittle of the most expensive operating system in a mobile device, Android has a huge diversity from different companies in prices, which ranges from prices as high as $1979.99 for the Galaxy Fold from Samsung, to as low as $24.99 for the TCL A1 from Alcatel. When looking for an Android, there are many options in the long range of prices buyers can choose from. IPhone on the other hand, does not come with such a large range in prices. With only 3 new devices introduced from the company Apple this year, the IPhone 11, IPhone 11 Pro and IPhone 11 Pro Max, prices only range from $699.99 for the IPhone 11 to $1449.99 for the Iphone 11 Pro Max, allowing Apple stay in the race for high pricing. However, even with a lower variety in products, IPhone still manages to stay on top of Android in terms of popularity due to the low payment installments provided from different distributors and even from Apple itself, which can go for as low as $29.17 a month and just as high as $31.25 a month for never longer than 24 months. This allowing the IPhone devices to be both, more affordable and more accessible for the public in the mobile device market, giving IPhone the preference.

According to GSMA, “there are now over 5.13 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide.” And with so many different people across the world owning mobile devices, it is impossible for every single mobile user to prefer the same device, same company or even the same operating system. Luckily, both IPhone and Android offer a variety of styles, sizes and colors for the public in order for buyers to find the device that best fits them and their likings. Android, as stated before, offers a tremendous number of devices one can choose from. Ranging from heavy and thick old school devices, to light and thin innovating devices that come in sizes from as small as credit cards to as big as mini tablets. However, the color field of Android has never been so popular. Android only offers regular and simple colors such as those of black, red, white, blue, etc. With the company Samsung offering unique devices such as the Galaxy Note, which comes with a smart pen for writers, and the before mentioned Galaxy Fold which can be used as a device as big as a mini tablet and then folded into a device as small as a remote controller. On the other side, not only offering a diversity in sizes, sizes which in recent years have been steeped up due to the new all screen display dimensions with no buttons and small notches, not only offering more brilliant colors with powerful names such as Space Gray and Midnight Green which easily catch one’s attention, but the IPhone also offers a variety of memory sizes which ranges from 64 gigabytes to 512 gigabytes. Allowing the IPhone to be a device that can become very useful at workplaces, as well as study places when it comes to saving recordings, documents and all kinds of important information, all while still giving the IPhone a more presentable look with such brilliant colors for those who prefer the device for its looks rather than its capabilities, pushing the IPhone to have a greater shot at being the right fit for a larger public due to its variety in product styles and models.

Even after having complete knowledge about how much such mobile devices could cost and being fully aware of all the options one can choose from when it comes to styles and preferences, there is no motive behind purchasing such devices before understanding what it is that these devices are truly capable of doing and be used for. As stated by Computer Hope, “Smartphones are loaded with features and capabilities that make them more than a phone.” Newer mobile devices are filled with specs that make an easier interaction and more user-friendly experience with the devices, allowing the devices to be labeled as smartphones. Such specs vary depending on the device and the maker. Android devices vary to this day from thick and heavy mobile phones, which have low amounts of specs but much higher durability, to innovative devices which redefine the whole purpose of mobile devices. Newer Android devices come with bigger screens that go up to 7.3 inches in dimensions, HD displays with resolutions of 720x1680 pixels, dual 10 Mega pixel cameras with huge ranges, 4K UHD video recording at 60 fps (3840x2160 pixels), giving users huge displays for entertainment and photography mainly, on the palm of their hand. Alongside Android, if not ahead, IPhone keeps on constantly staying on top of its game. With its improving and always updating software, all IPhone specs are set out to always work properly. Apple has always manufactured touch responsive mobile devices since the industry started, giving IPhone a huge lead in the race due to its pioneer experience on smartphones for over 10 years. Such touch responsive displays come in sizes as big as 6.5 inches in resolutions as high as 2688x1248 pixels. And while both Android and IPhone are water and dust resistant, the quality and durability of iPhone has put on emphasis on the outstanding specs of the device which include huge memory space, triple 12 mega pixel cameras with wide angles, which recognize your unique face in order to give you access into the device. IPhone has become very popular for the usage of “Siri”, a built in program to which you can give commands to within the device that allow you to control it without even having to touch it, making the device safer and nothing but user-friendly, influencing buyers to choose IPhone over Android for its accessibility and its all-in-one specs which provide a smart device with great durability.

Innovation and improvement are constant mottos in the industry of mobile devices. Devices which have become much smarter now than they were years ago due to IPhone and Android constantly coming up with new concepts and products each year. Going head to head has caused a race for the place as best seller between the two, however, while both IPhone and Android have always been able to keep up with each other, the quality and features IPhone brings to the table have pushed Apple to stay ahead of the race due to its popularity caused by accessibility and capabilities within its IPhone products all throughout the market, all through the public, all through the 5.13 Billion mobile device users.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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