Apparking: Smart Parking System Based On Cloud Computing Using Android And Iot


Cloud computing is one of the widespread technology which has changed the nature of a business. IoT is another technology which have impressed the day by day of human being. Improvement in Cloud computing and Internet of things can be united for solving real-world difficulties. In our research work, we have combined the Internet of Things technology and an Android application using cloud computing to design an enhanced intelligent parking system. Overview for designing an Intelligent parking system has been narrated in this paper with an architecture diagram.

The difference between this system and the other existing systems is we intent to make this system as less human- dependent and less physical actions as possible by automating the cars and the entire parking lot.

This system will be manageable through an Android app and through the web portal. We had studied some of the existing systems and it shows that most of the existing designs aren’t absolutely automated and necessitate a definite level of human meddling or collaboration with the system.

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To solve the traffic congestion difficulty we require a superior mechanism in parking area to measure empty space, Services and show the information to the people who looking for the empty space for Parking. Hence the user discovers unfilled parking lot and makes the action of booking through an internet access by an Android Application with driver's own knowledge Parking Lot.

Keywords- Android, Cloud Computing, Mobile computing, Raspberry pi, Smart Parking System.


In large cities, Traffic congestion is major problem finding in large city.

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Traffic congestion occurs when a volume of traffic, it demands for space greater than currently available road capacity, people can’t maintain a steady speed, there’s too many cars and not enough road or in case of rainy season etc. Today, traffic congestion occur because of several reasons like unawareness of information on available parking spaces. So, the result as car drivers spend lot of time driving along the streets in search of parking space, driver frustration, and air pollution. This also creates further traffic delays and exasperate for other car drivers.

After finding parking space to the driver, he parks the vehicle, it maybe spend small amount of time to looking for a city council parking attendant to pay the parking fees. Sometimes, the time spent looking for the attendant is important and most drivers leaving their cars before they pay the parking fee due to the fact which include having your vehicle locked or event owed which in turn attracts heavy penalties. This system provides the way of requesting for accessing available parking’s slots information remotely. It also shows the possibility of variable message and application being used for providing such information related to available parking slot.

Our proposed system, eliminate or significantly reduce corruption to provide an alternative way for payment of the parking fees which do not require exchanging the cash by using hands. To reduce the time spent for locating parking space.

Literature Survey

Thanh Nam Pham, et al, “A Cloud-Based Smart-Parking System Based on Internet-of-Things Technologies” In the literature survey, first paper we have gone through, states that a structure that helps user automatically find out a free parking space at the smallest amount of cost based on new routine metrics to calculate the customer parking charge by bearing in mind the distance and the total number of free places in every vehicle park.

This charge will be used to propose a result of judgment of an accessible parking space on a demand by the client and a solution of suggesting a new car parking slot if the existing car park is full. The model outcome describes that the algorithm helps to get better probability of victorious parking and reduces the customer large waiting time.

This paper proposed a system that helps to customers automatically discover a free parking space at the smallest amount of charge based on new routine metrics to determine the customer parking charge by taking into consideration the distance and the total number of open places in every car park.

Ajay R. Jadhav, et al, “Smart Parking System Using Cloud Computing” which supposed to achieve maximum efficiency in a parking system management. This is a special system which is design for smart parking reservation and safety preservation of a car parking area in an inner- cities Now a day’s overcrowding of traffic increasing rapidly. To solve this major problem in huge cities this system was designed. There system reduced human power required for Parking and other Requirements.

Faiz Ibrahim Shaikh, et al, “Smart Parking System Based on Embedded System and Sensor Network” helped us to plan our system by using IoT device such as Raspberry pi etc. This design consists of IoT devices, embedded systems and wireless sensor networks. This system and execution was based on prototype of Reservation-based Smart Parking System that permits users to successfully find and refuse to give the available parking spaces.

Prof. Yashomati r, et al “Android Based Smart Car Parking System” help us to know about how reservation for parking slot commanded by android application take placed, number plate recognition, parking slot status and electronic billing system etc.

Rajakumari, et al, "Intelligent parking system using cloud." In this paper we knowing about how Android application collects all information from server through web server, and calculates total no of slots busy and free slots.

Vandana Pandey, et al, Paper "Architecture based on MD5 and MD5-512 Bit Applications." We understand that how we can use MD5 algorithm in our system for security of our system through encryption and decryption.

Kurt, Gokhan, "Raspberry Pi Android Projects." This paper helped us to study about Raspberry Pi device. We are using Raspberry Pi in our system for control and storage purpose.

Bartlett Learning, et al, “Cloud Computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Virtualization, Business Models, Mobile, Security and More." from this paper we studied different cloud computing services which we have using in our system.

Manjusha Patil, et al, “Wireless Sensor Network and RFID for Smart Parking System” from this paper we studied types of parking and getting parking guidance.

Vrushali D. Ichake, et al, “Smart Car Parking System Based on IoT Concept.” Which help us for implementation of Parking slot allotment using IoT device for smart car parking.

J. Anitha1, et al, “Intelligent Parking System Using Android Application”, we studied from this paper how user can login through android application and request for service.

Deepthi. S, et al, “A Survey on Smart Parking System Based on Internet of Things”, from help of this paper to regulates the number of cars that can be park in a given space at any given time based on the availability parking space. When a car arrives at the entrance, it will be stopped at the main gate and how can customer will finding for empty parking slot.

Piyush Gupta, et al, ”A Comparative Analysis of SHA and MD5 Algorithm” we had studied that parameters like Key Length, Block Size, Cryptanalysis, Rounds used in MD5 algorithm in our system which will provide security in communication of our system.

Harshada Chaudhari, “Raspberry Pi Technology: A Review” by referring this paper we implement IoT device that is Raspberry Pi for control, storage and monitor our system. We also studied component of Raspberry Pi and also applications 0of Raspberry Pi.

Amjaad Alsalamah, “Internet of Things Based Process Model for Smart Parking System” we implement centralize IoT device that is raspberry pi to manage smart parking system and provide important information like the availability of parking. We have implement camera to capture images for the employee attendance also car damage photos. [

Proposed System

The system Architecture for Smart Parking Portal is "To assist with the exact information, at right place in real-time with responsible setup and location sensitiveness”. In this era we are dealing with tables and Smart Phones. A very appealing application include monitoring where instant information needed to decide if the employee being monitored is any real threat or wrong target. We have been able to create number of different application where we provide the manager with rights to monitor employee he/she wants to. But these applications are limited to desktop only. We need to import them on mobile devices. We ensure that while traveling does not need to carry heavy files or system with him. All information must be available in his mobile device in user friendly format.

Updated: Feb 17, 2024
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