Huawei P Smart Smartphone Review: A Great Android Option

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The Huawei P Smart is a piece of an influx of telephones that appear to be like those discharged a half year sooner yet have a vast (or long) screen. It's likewise fundamentally the same as the Honor 9 Lite, yet has an aluminum back rather than a glass one. It doesn't have a ultra-high spec camera or an executioner chipset, yet is a quality telephone sold at the correct cost. You'll spare a considerable measure of cash over a 2-year contract with a Huawei P Smart.

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  • Huawei has figured out how to mix the correct level of specs with an eye-getting sticker price, which makes the P Smart a luring spending purchase.
  • Huawei P Smart cost and accessibility
  • Current cost: £143.99 (around $190, AU$250)
  • Discharge date: December 2017

The Huawei P Smart initially propelled as Vodafone selective in the UK, however its accessibility has since augmented and you can lift it up for a clean £143.99 (around $190, AU0) SIM free.

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Contrasted with other Vodafone gadgets at the value, this makes the Huawei P Smart an incredible arrangement. Contending picks are the Huawei P8 Lite and Vodafone Smart N8. The Huawei P Smart is superior to both. Looking more extensive, different choices incorporate the Samsung Galaxy J5, an obviously lesser telephone in a few regards. The models we'd suggest considering too incorporate the Moto G5S Plus and Honor 9 Lite.

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A decent outline

The Huawei P Smart is a moderately minimal effort telephone, one that contends with models like the Moto G5S Plus and Honor 9 Lite. Its most vital element is a 18:9 angle proportion screen, which leaves less clear outskirt above and beneath the show. You get more screen inch per inch of telephone with this now-basic plan. It likewise has a development style that, similar to the Moto and Honor, isn't that effectively recognized from a more costly telephone.

The equipment inside is that of a low to mid-extend gadget, however. It has an octa-center chipset without the rankling execution found in more costly opponents. And keeping in mind that the Huawei P Smart has double back cameras, the 13MP and 2MP cluster won't get you the picture quality or level of foundation obscure impact an iPhone X would. In any case, relatively each and every trade off in the Huawei P Smart is anything but difficult to acknowledge as long as you keep your desires in accordance with the cost.


Aluminum raise with plastic tops

Low-encompass plan

Thin at 7.5mm thick

The Huawei P Smart's activity isn't to energize you like an iPhone X. It simply needs to look and feel sufficient to make burning through 3-4 times the cost appear to be senseless. Huawei has completed a great job of sprucing up what is, best case scenario a mid-run development as something top of the line. How about we manage the back first.

The square shape flanked by the two brilliant shimmering strips is anodised aluminum. Be that as it may, above and beneath it, the end tops are plastic. It's the sort of trade off you'll just notice in the event that you go searching for it, however this makes the Honor P9 Lite a higher-end outline than the Huawei P Smart. Its external is all glass and aluminum.

The Huawei P Smart likewise has a blend of avant-garde and more established equipment highlights. There's a decent unique mark scanner on the back. It's essentially recessed, so you can't miss it, and works rapidly. Be that as it may, the Huawei P Smart additionally has a smaller scale USB charge attachment as opposed to a USB-C. While the principle true advantages are essentially having the capacity to connect it to whichever way around, and bolster for future USB extras like earphones, it seems dated now.

There's an earphone jack as well, which some of you may well have exchanged a USB-C away for at any rate. The Huawei P Smart isn't dilute safe and doesn't trim the screen encompass as much as some ongoing, more costly telephones. However, it's generally simple to live with. The telephone is smaller than a Moto G5S and is anything but difficult to deal with. At 7.5mm thick it's additionally thin.


  • Stylish 18:9 angle proportion
  • 1080 x 2160 determination
  • IPS LCD board
  • Ad

Wide angle screen telephones like this influence you to reevaluate what a 'major' screen measure truly is. The Huawei P Smart has a 5.65-inch screen however in taking care of terms the telephone is like one with a 16:9 5.2-inch screen.

Its screen utilizes an IPS LCD board with a determination of 1080 x 2160, the same as pretty much all lower-cost 18:9 viewpoint telephones. Shading, differentiation, sharpness and brilliance are strong. For reasons unknown a few applications appear to keep running at 720p, however that is the product's blame, not the screen.

Ultra-profound shading is the thing that you miss contrasted and a more costly telephone. Tones look genuinely regular and very much soaked, however contrasting the Huawei P Smart and the 'DCI P3' silver screen method of the as of late evaluated HTC U11 Plus, the more costly HTC's screen is more extravagant still. You can't tinker with the Huawei P Smart's immersion or differentiation, yet there is a shading temperature control. Distinctive eyes will lean toward various changes. We very like the telephone with a slight warm skew.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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