Development of Smart Technology and Smart Village

Education Smart class rooms at primary level of education. E-Library Student Awareness programs7.2 Health Care 24Hr Functioning Hospitals with adequate bed facility and doctor as well as mobile ambulance. Tele-Medicine.

Transportation And Connectivity

Concreted roads through in order to link the village essentials. Sign board and traffic signals to regulate the road safety and welfare. Introduction of E-Autos for transportation.

Internet Access And Networks

Introduction of IOT for all networking within the village. Enhancing the cellular networks and landline systems using High band-width optic fibers.

Public Wi-fi installation at selected segments of the village.


Introduction of climate smart agriculture system in order to procure advancement in the crop productivity. Development of Smart apps for agriculture, helping farmers to conduct a direct link to the market and its regulations. Introduction of local research facilities within the village like labs for soil and mineral research and seed enhancement methodology programs.7.6 Infrastructure Smart Homes that include toilets , safe drinking water, power supply and substantial facilities.

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Functional solid and liquid waste management systems throughout the village for effective and hygiene environments. Surveillance cameras and street lights to ensure a secured living environment for the occupants.

Water Management

Overhead tanks and storages with sensors and flow rate meters for water flow regulations and conservation. Water harvesting and treatment facility. On farm monitoring system and drip irrigation systems.


As per the research we have done in Arcadia we came to a conclusion that we need to carry out the same feasibility study in some more villages on comparing with each village we will get a better outcome.

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We need to give more focus on financial investment as in Arcadia the main problem that we faced was huge amount of fund was required for transformation that was practically not possible so we need to find some village which needs less investment Our possible suggestions are: Villages Population

Over recent years, the challenges arising from the social and economic, but also wider changes of people's communities”rural and urban”have been increasingly addressed through the lenses of technological developments and digitalization. In this paper, we have focused on the applications of the Smart Village concept and the importance of digital transformation for rural areas,always drawing parallels between the endings and insights from different regions. We aim to use these new insights in developing the framework of the international project Smart digital transformation of villages. One of the aims of our paper was also to make a qualitative evaluation of the projects and initiatives presented. Considering the initiatives active worldwide, we have made a comparison of the territories they cover and areas of actions they are focusing to and concluded that the most important issue to address when making the development strategies for the so-called un-developed countries is the access to the sources of energy.

Below, we are presenting a short analysis of the chosen examples (i) Responding to depopulation and demographic change(ii) Finding local solutions(iii) Exploring linkages with small towns and cities(iv) Accelerating the role of rural areas in low-carbon circular economy (v) Promoting digital transformation. Smart development solutions were therefore mainly addressing the ways to create opportunities for local employment and alleviate the living conditions. On the other hand the role of transition to circular economy has been accelerated in the case of Lapland where the main issue to address was to stop the out ‚ow of the money especially in connection to the energy and food self - sufficiency.

In line with this, one of the main outputs of the Smart Villages project will be a digital exchange platform intended for the exchange of practices. Another important output will be embodied in the form of a Smart Villages Toolbox, based on insights from our pilot, local-based activities. As such, it will have a great impact on further development and implementations of the concept into reality-based environments and will contribute to better framework conditions for (digital) innovation in societal and technical parts.

From the study that we have conducted regarding the technical feasibility of Smart Village in Arcadia Grant Village we came to a conclusion that there are many areas in the village that need to be improved on a urgent basis in order to meet the specification of smart village category like the roads connectivity, they have a brilliant road connectivity towards highway but still the cut roads inside the village is of poor condition when talking about technology village have a very healthy network connection and is having internet cafes but the availability of electricity is an issue as they frequently having power failures. Those problems need to cover up for transition from normal village to mart village and it will cost a very huge cost which in the long run can be a profit for the counties development but when looking at the current Indian financial stability and economy it will be tough call to think about the transition of this village what we can do is go with the study of some other village which have better feasibility.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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