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Today's society is said to come from the details age where information is thought about to be important asset with this, various technologies are made so as to ensure the correct handling of information. There are databases and computer system among others. The above mentioned nevertheless are bulky and hence, their usage is restricted to offices and or house just. People nowadays are required to get and manage info whenever they desire. Therefore, portable gadgets or smaller versions of database and computers are established.

Mobile class records belong to this category. Android Smart phone are ending up being increasing in popular, not solely for service and individual usage however also for using education. At all academic levels, android cellphones are being usage in the classroom for increasing student's company, fastening cooperation, and optimizing portability of innovation.

The instructor, being among the significant sources of the details makes certain that the pieces of details they impart and manage are organized and organized.

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They need to strictly record participation and monitor the performance of their trainees. Proper class management is therefore very essential to an instructor. Not being able to do so will greatly impact the effectiveness and effectiveness of the instructor which would, in turn, in some way damage to the development of the trainee.

Having mentions the potential of Android mobile phones. It can largely be of help to a teacher. Its portability will make a teacher bring his mobile phone wherever, in a classrooms particularly, which would guide him to efficiently manage in class.

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Project Context

Mobile Based Class Record is an electronic grade system that was designed to replace the traditional paper - based methods of managing grades in the school system within the Philippines. Today's rapid growth of information technology, the system capabilities will be endless. The new system provides many features that assist teacher’s record and manage students' performance assessment. By using a smart phone, teachers are capable of entering and processing student grade data into their electronic grade sheet at anytime and from anywhere. The survey was designed and conducted to assess and measure the usefulness, usability and effectiveness of the software. The results of the survey are very useful, easy to learn and effective tool in developing the proposed study.

The Internet has significantly changed the way of lives, learn, work, and communication. In today's digital information age, where e-education, e-business, e-commerce, e-government, e- communication, e-banking, e-entertainment and other forms of electronic services are growing and becoming more and more mainstream, all of these services shares two common technologies such as the Internet and mobile telecommunication which are used as a platform to deliver the above services. The Internet has really revolutionized teaching and learning in many positive and effective ways and Internet based education is quickly becoming the predominant technology in education today. The availability of software tools to assist teachers within the Philippines is very rare.

There are few applications and services available, but mostly for administrative and personnel use. The development of the Mobile based class record system will assist teachers in recording student grades and even updating information at any given time and place. The new system will have many attractive features that will be useful and helpful to most teachers in schools. Assessment has always been an important part of a teacher's work with students. By assessment, teachers can evaluate the work of their students.

According to Angelo (2000), classroom assessment is a simple method faculty that can be used to collect feedback, early and often, on how well their students are learning what they are being taught. The purpose of classroom assessment is to provide teachers and students with information and insights needed to improve teaching effectiveness and learning quality. Teachers assess their students in many ways such as tests, exams, projects, presentations or observation.

The purpose of using assessment according to Angelo (2000) is to help the teachers to use the feedback to make changes in their everyday teaching. On the other hand, teacher can show the student’s feedback and they can share along with them. It will be easier to find their weakness and to improve their learning strategies. The assessment not only helps teachers to decide about the learning process, but also it assists them to increase student learning and boost motivation.

The learning is associated with the assessment, and it has been shown that for the class that uses an assessment strategy, students in the class learn more compared to students in the classes that do not use an assessment process. Technology now has an important place in many classrooms. For example, over the past 13 years the United States has spent more than $19 billion on developing information technology in local schools and classrooms.

As mobile phones in the 20th century have come to an age where everything can be played with just fingertip away, mobile phones have come to features where everything is in a form of touch screen. To meet these demands, different mobile operating systems went out to the market. Android operating system created by Google was then released in 2005. To fulfill such demand, applications and games were also made to run in an Android platform.

Purpose and Description

At present, teachers do not have a very systematic way of organizing their lessons and keeping their students record. They usually record and compute student’s grade manually, various teachers are able to use PC and computer software such as Microsoft Excel in keeping and manipulating the student’s record. However, computer desktop are very bulky that is why they said activity are done in the home or in office. Through the help of the system, taking of attendance, recording of grades and also the computation of it will not be a big problem anymore.

Since the system is Mobile-based, it will be very handy. The teachers can bring the system with them anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it allows the easiest monitoring of students grades, attendance, and performance. It provides a quick way of monitoring the student’s performance. The problem is to design and implement a Mobile Based Class Record System to easily and efficiently manage their students. The system should provide the interface for storing student’s record and be a tool in monitoring their performance. Furthermore, it should be able to help the teacher in planning and organizing their class.

Objectives of the Study

The general objective of this proposed study is to develop a Mobile Based Class Record application using android Operating System (OS) to record the daily activities inside the classroom which will be used by the teachers. Specifically the study aims to:

1.To identify how mobile phones will be used to create application that will help teachers in class room management in terms of:

  1. Flexibility;
  2. Mobility and;
  3. Portability

2.To design and develop a mobile based application relative to:

  1. User Interface and
  2. Database Design

3.To Design and implement a database that will effectively store and handle the student’s records which include student profile, attendance, assignment, quizzes, recitation, project and exams.

4.To evaluate the developed system in terms of:

  1. Functionality and
  2. User Interface

Scope and Limitations

The application Mobile Based Class Record is mobile android application software for android systems. To develop the application, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) was used in Eclipse as its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The proposed study has a several features such as recording student’s performances in a subject quarterly and checking of attendance. Other system features are student overview that shows every single grade, averages and final computation of grades in a subject per quarter.

Grading scale can be customized, for example if the base is 40% the computation will be raw score over the quantity multiplied by 40 then add 60. Additionally it is possible to grade with decimal numbers. Subjects can be chosen from a list or entered freely. The application can be run only in all devices that have Android operating system. The data that will be stored on the application depends on the memory or capacity of the device. Another is, it cannot place pictures of student to easily identify them. The interface of the Attendance Menu is in list form and it was not in tabulated format. This application focuses only in recording student performances.

Definition of Terms

Android. It is an open-source software stack for mobile devices and a corresponding open-source project led by Google. It has a large community of developers writing applications that extend the functionality of the devices. Developers write primarily in a customized version of Java (Froyd M., 2001). It is the Operating System (OS) that the proponents used for developing the proposed study. APK (Android Package File). The term refers to the file format used to distribute and install application software and as an Android package file, which typically contains all of the files related to a single Android application (Mayani, 2012). In this study, it refers to the file that was needed to install in Android Mobile Phones. Eclipse Indigo.

It is an open source community whose main projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software (Anthony, 2012). Through this platform, the proposed study will be developed by the proponents because of creative useful tools. Emulator. It is a hardware and software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of a first computer system in a different second computer system, so that the behavior of the second system closely resembles the behavior of the first system. It is an application that imitates a real device (Gargenta M., 2010). It is used by the proponents to represent a specific mobile phone in order to test the android applications. Java. It has a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities (Horton, 2011).

It is the main programming language that was used in developing the application because of its robust, multi-threaded and dynamic language which gives freedom to run the application on any Operating System (OS) such as Android platform. It was trouble-free, therefore simple and easy to write, compile, debug and learn compared to other programming languages. SDK (Software Development Kit). It is a programming package that enables the programmer to develop applications for a specific platform.

Typically an SDK includes one or more APIs, programming tools and documentation (Craser, 2009). It is the software development kit that enables the proponents to create applications for the Android platform. Smartphone. The term refers to a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary featured phone (Cassavoy L. 2010).

Android can operated smart phones, it is the required mobile phone to effectively and efficiently run the proposed study. SQLite. It is a lightweight transactional database engine that occupies a small amount of disk storage and memory, so it's a perfect choice for creating databases on many mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS (Williams O. 2009). It will serve as the database engine storage for the proposed study.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language). It is a data tagging language of web services. XML is not so much a language as a standardized set of rules for adding structure to any form of data using a system of markup tags (Williams O. 2009). Through this, the user interface and layout of the proposed study was created. It is used to store and transport information.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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