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Compare And Contrast Childhood and Adulthood

Every single human has to face different phases of his life. Being a tiny fetus in the mother’s womb, our life starts and ends up dying being an old aged man. During this life cycle, we grew from fetus to little kid, then into a teenager to mature men and finally entering into the category of grandparents. It is observed the same for both males and females. Childhood is considered from the age of 2 to 17 for girls, and for the boys, it’s 2 to 20 years.

In this essay, I will compare some aspects of both childhood and adulthood, and some major changes and challenges that come in one’s life during both stages.

In the very first instance of life, when one is a child he is totally stuck to his parents. He is totally dependent on his parents for his food, shelter, education, clothing etc. He is surrounded by his family members and neighbors and relatives. And all these peoples are going to serve him and will look after him.

But, when one becomes an adult, he totally gets separated from his family member for rest of his remaining life. Now, he will be totally dependent on his own-self for his shelter, education, food and raiment. He will be now surrounded by new people. So, he is going to take care of his own self. He has already learned how to feed his own-self and also learned the ways to get food by earning money by doing hard work and job.

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Then, the second instance of life, it all came about responsibilities. When he was a child he did not have any responsibility on his shoulders. He didn’t have the responsibility to earn money. He just used to buy things that he wanted (by the permission from parents), and have no worries about who is going pay for it. He was not accountable for taking any decisions in the family and personally. But, after growing into an adult, he has all his responsibilities and becomes accountable to take a decision for the rest of his life. He has to make decisions regarding his family and his own carrier. He has to take decisions linked to financial needs. He has to make decisions for the educational life of his children, and many more.

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”-Albert Einstein. These lines have the whole meaning in itself. During the childhood parents, teachers, elders are the source of social knowledge and moral values for a child. When a child commits a mistake, the whole blaming goes to his parents and they tend to teach him something from that mistake. Parents or guardians take full responsibility of that mistake. But, when that child grew into a mature adult, he has to take all the blaming of his mistakes onto his own-self. Now he will be responsible for the mistakes that he had committed and also for that which he will commit. So he learns how to implement moral values that he had learned during his childhood from his parents and teachers. And also he will teach his sprouts and this tradition will pass on further.
To screw it up, it can be said that as the past and the future are the reflections of each other, so the childhood and adulthood is. It means that whatever that is learned from childhood is always useful in life when we grew into mature adults to move ahead in life. The physical appearance gets totally changed and the positions get changed from nothing to everything in adulthood. From no responsibilities to each responsibility come upon the shoulders. In short, it can be said that the “Child” from the past is now a fully grown “Man”.

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