Understanding and Adapting Communication Styles

Interaction is a message conveyed with words, body movement, vocal inflections, and individual space and the meaning understood by the recipient. Problems take place when the message received is not the message sent out. What's My Communication Style assesses and determines a person's control interaction style. It outlines the strengths and weak points of the four designs: Spirit, Direct, Systematic and Thoughtful. Understanding which design you are comfy with and which styles you require to surpass will increase the effectiveness of your interaction.

This assessment was informing because I scored fairly close on 3 of the 4 designs.

After evaluating the details of each style, I see myself in those 3 qualities. I scored 8, 7, and 6 on Spirited, Considerate and Methodical respectively. For that reason, I preserve my dominate design is Enthusiastic and adapts based upon my audience. The positive aspects of a perky style are persuasiveness, enthusiasm and working at a fast lane. Likewise, the thoughtful style listens well, values relationships and builds trust.

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I think all of these qualities are necessary in project management. For instance, at work I always ask how people's families are or how their weekend preceded we begin a planning meeting.

I listen to what each department believes is the most crucial requirements and tasks to be dealt with during the project. Above all though, I desire to gather all the realities before we begin and after that decide how we are going to continue. When issues arise throughout the task, I listen to each accountable department to see what they believe went wrong, make my own assessment and after that make strategies to remedy and put the task back on strategy.

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To enhance my perky design, I need to focus on including everyone much better so they seem like a more considerable part of the group. One problem area that I would like to work on is my company abilities.

I’ve noticed that I gloss over the less important details if they are not written down on my to do list. Glossing over the details usually means mistakes that need to be corrected. If I were more organized and detail oriented, we could reduce the number of errors during the project. Most of the time, my teams have all different types of communication styles. During meetings, I can usually tell which style they are most comfortable with based on how they structure their questions. I make a point to address their comments or concerns in their type of style, although I do it enthusiastically.

This can be a problem for me when I have a teammate that is too emotional in a meeting. I get frustrated when the conversation has little substance. I want to get the facts and to the point so that we can create an action item list for the team. Similarly, I prefer to avoid addressing conflicts. When they get brought up, I always try to find a path that will appease the masses while still keeping our goals in sight. Because I am so enthusiastic, I like being around other spirited people. It is easy for me to connect with people that are similarly good story tellers, fast paced and high energy.

I am drawn to them and feel encouraged to share my experiences. At work, however, I really value people who are articulate, factual, decisive and direct. When we have action items and a deadline, I am focused and want to surround myself with like-minded individuals. I am most challenged working with people that are extremely systematic. I’m currently working with a guy in our IT department who is very precise. He will correct you if you miss speak or have inaccurate facts. I find it difficult to connect with him on a personal level. I have to remember to be overly prepared and armed with details of our project when we have a meeting.

During one particular proposal meeting, I really focused on the details and had all my facts. I had an answer for all of his questions. Because I was prepared, I had built that trust that I was trying to build by connecting with him personally. In this case, adapting to my audience was a success. In conclusion, this communication style assignment has been very educational. The assessment helped me identify which styles that I am comfortable with. The lesson taught me how best to identify and communicate with my team to be a better leader. The introspection has shown me my strengths and my trouble spots with areas to focus on.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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