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Coming from a family of eight and being the youngest of my Essay

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Coming from a family of eight and being the youngest of my brothers, I have always felt the desire to stand out and be a part of something bigger than myself. After serving 12 years in the Army that desire hasn’t left, and the best way to make and impact within our formations and the community is by becoming an officer. A great officer must be able to command and lead those below him/her, but also be able to develop policies and procedures that will assist others to command those underneath them.

An officer should know their strengths and capitalize on those, as well as know their weakness and seek for ways to improve on them. As a senior non-commissioned officer in the Army I was able to lead many Soldiers and their families, but I knew that I could do so much more for the Army as an officer that will also impact my Soldiers. I will always cherish my time as an NCO, since it made the type of leader I am today.

Becoming an Army Officer not only requires the outmost desire to serve your country, but also superlative leadership that every Soldier as well as society expects. One of my duties as an officer will be to provide guidance and direction to those under my command, in and out of combat, to lead through my own example not only while on but off duty as well. I will not only lead those under my command, but also insist on attending and upholding the defining hallmarks of the American way of life. Our freedom is under constant threat from an imposing, foreign mindset that does not play by the rules and seeks to use deadly force against our people. As an officer I will remain ready to face this threat, which bring us to another expectation from our society: defend and support the United States Constitution. This may include the willingness to put my life on the line for our country. Therefore, I must exhibit aptitude and skill and always be aware of my surroundings and the mission with which I and fellow soldiers are given.

As a soon to be military officer my responsibilities will be greater than before. As I mentioned my main responsibility will be to lead by example. In my experience nothing motivates more your peers and subordinates than leading from the front. Not only will I have to lead, but also develop. I will make my main focus to develop others to their full potential and by doing so, not only will their benefit from it but the Army and community as well. By leading and developing my Soldiers I be reinforcing and developing a great relationship that will influence their performance on daily basis. This brings me to my third responsibility and that is my influence within my formation. As an officer my influence to others should be beyond the chain of command.

I will become the success to emulate as a commissioned officer. I will challenge my subordinates and peers to aim higher, achieve more and strive for the best in all. There will be different opportunities and challenges along the way, but I have never shied away from difficult situations. With the example I set as an officer, and the leadership that I bring to the unit, I will ensure mission readiness and troop welfare are at the forefront. In doing so, I will also help the overall mission of the Army.

Regardless of the field, my combination of education and leadership skills obtained as a non-commissioned officer, will aid in me striving to become an officer that both superiors and subordinates look to for leadership and advice. In the end, I am not looking to become an officer for what it can do for me, but what I can do for the Army. When the unit and people under my command succeed at their mission and raise the bar for the next soldiers that come along, that will be my reward. For being an officer is being in command, but in the end realizing that you are there to serve the needs of those under you and the Army at large.

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