College Essay Topics

This I Believe

“Come on Blake just one time, no one will know, just take one sip and one puff.” And from that day forward I started smoking black and mild’s, which lead to a daily routine. In high school, I never thought I would smoke nor drink, until I went to college. Being in high school, I… View Article

A Letter Concerning the Tuition Fee Increase in the Campus

This academic year in our school had been very exciting and full of learning for the students. The school had been efficient enough in providing us the quality education that students’ need in preparation of their future careers. However it had been a serious issue in the campus among us, students, the continued increase in… View Article

Advantages of Living with Parents in College

When we see graduation caps in the sky, accompanied with laughter, applause and cry, it is a signal that we just welcome ourselves to the new world after high school. As we step into a college world as a new and fresh collegian, there are many facets that we have to think and decide, especially… View Article

Inspiration for Inquiry

The school that is subject for evaluation in this paper is a charter school in Michigan, a publicly funded school, which means, the students are not allowed to pay any charges beyond the funds allocated to the school.  The state and the local district is the one that provides for the operation.  Since the school… View Article

High School and Prom

‘’ Did I dream that we danced forever, in a wish that we made together on a night that I prayed would never end ‘’ One of the most unforgettable moments in my life is in my high school days particularly the most awaited event of high school student is the junior and senior prom…. View Article

The Life Plan After College

The Life Plan will help you to achieve your short-term, mid-term, and long-term life goals. It allows you to visualize your future. Its focus is on three major life areas, academic, career, and personal. Individuals who have a clear vision of their future have a greater likelihood of realizing their dreams and goals than those… View Article

Greek Life in American Campuses

The statement that Greek Life in American colleges and universities merely consists of drinking sessions and parties is nothing but an unfounded assertion. Similarly, the claim that students who join fraternities and sororities should expect to see their GPAs start sliding down has never been sufficiently supported by factual information. In other words, these are… View Article

How to succeed in the first semester: Guide for the freshman

Succeeding in a freshman’s first semester is a challenging task as it presents a whole new level of academic inquiry, excitement, adventures, and challenges. The independence acquired in college is never an assurance that it would be a smooth sailing. Rather, it would give the student a topsy-turvy ride and the first semester is a… View Article

Free-Speech on College Campuses

            Thesis Statement:              The prohibition of hate-speech or any speech which constitutes a “clear and present danger” to students on college campuses is a good and necessary policy.             Summary of Opinions:             The issue of free-speech on college campuses poses a complex debate. Key factors of the controversy include: the rights to personal… View Article

Central University

Suppose you are the network manager for Central University, a medium-size university with 13,000 students. The university has 10 separate colleges (e.g., business, arts, journalism), 3 of which are relatively large (300 faculty and staff members, 2,000 students, and 3 buildings) and 7 of which are relatively small (200 faculty and staff, 1,000 students, and… View Article

Education: College and Recharge Academic Battery

Taking a year off after finishing form six before approaching further tertiary education has been a much debated issue over the past few years. While some see it as an opportunity for the school leavers to know more about the world, there is another party that says it will be time wasted if the school… View Article

Assigned Seating

Would you want an assign seat for everyday you sit at lunch or would want to be able to choose for yourself? In our country we have always had a freedom of choice. The topic the I am going to discuss with you is wether or not you should have assign seats during lunch. Many… View Article

Bad Grades

I am writing to offer an explanation for a change in academic performance that is noticeable on my high school transcript. From the start of my freshman year until the end of my junior year, it is evident through analysis of my transcript that I have been an above average student consistently throughout my high… View Article

College Savings

Why is it important to go to college? I believe the answer is crystal clear. Attending college provides me with an opportunity for a better future. The economy now is not the same as it was in the past. Those who graduate high school are finding it extremely difficult to obtain high-paying jobs. The United… View Article

Communication: Analysing and Presenting Complex Communication

Introduction This report is for the second exam of the Communications unit of producing complex written business documents. The aim of this report is to know the customer services in the Renmin University and know whether it could meet the need of the students. The objectives of the report are to introduce different kinds of… View Article

My Dorm Room

College is a life changing event for all students who desire to fulfill their dreams. College is a place of learning and of discovery. Learning does not occur only in the four walls of the classroom or the library, nor it is solely the responsibility of the professor, and it is more than reading hundreds… View Article

Curriculum Design

Chapter 7 ASCD Yearbook Fundamental Curriculum Decisions, 1984 People cannot intelligently discuss and communicate with others about curriculum without first making very clear what their interpretation of a curriculum is. In this chapter, we will be thinking of a curriculum as a written plan for the educational program of a school or schools. Curriculum design… View Article

Is College for Everyone

Going to College is a choice that everyone has. I think that College is for everyone because everyone in this world has a right to a good education. I know that good education will improve my chances of having a good job and a higher wage. But on the other hand, College is not free… View Article

Important Things in University Life

It has already passed almost one year since I entered Kasetsart University. Now, I think that it is good for me to talk about something important in university life. I want to focus on an aspect this time. It is also relevant to my aim which I had had when I entered this university. It… View Article

United States Electoral College

The Electoral College, the mechanism for electing the president and the vice-president of the United States which was first put to use in the 1789 presidential election has already outgrown its purpose and should therefore be abolished (National Archives and Records Administration). Formulated by the country’s founders more than two hundred years ago, the system… View Article

John Taylor Gatto Against School

When it comes to the traditional education, John Taylor Gatto’s “Against School” questions whether we really need the nine month, drawn out, traditional curriculum. Gatto goes on to name several successful people through history that were not products of a contemporary school system. When I think of Gatto’s theory of forced schooling, a friend of… View Article

Learning Styles

Abstract How may the students learn is always a concern for teachers in order to deliver a practical approach to learning a subject. Similarly, how teachers “become” inside their classroom while teaching is a reflection of students’ performance as students prefer a teacher who has a variety of ways in teaching. With 489 male and… View Article

Philippine Educational Status

Philippine education is patterned after the American system, with English as the medium of instruction. Schools are classified into public (government) or private (non-government). The general pattern of formal education follows four stages: Pre-primary level (nursery, kindergarten and preparatory) offered in most private schools; six years of primary education, followed by four years of secondary… View Article

Professional Cheating Websites

Random interview is the method that we are going to use for gathering data because in interviews information is obtained through inquiry and recorded by enumerators. Structured interviews are performed by using survey forms, whereas open interviews are notes taken while talking with respondents. The notes are subsequently structured interpreted foe further analysis. Open-ended interviews,… View Article

Endicott College

Even before the end of the academic year, high school students are excited to choose universities and campuses where they want to continue their tertiary education. There are many reputable colleges and universities out there, but among those which stand out is the Endicott College. Background/History In 1939, just before World War II and towards… View Article

College Strictly

The learned philosopher Aristotle maintains that the pursuit of learning belongs at the heart of what is means to be human. By nature, he states, all men desire to know, inasmuch as all men seek to understand all things on account of being awed (cited in Marias, 1967, p. 63) But what is especially onerous… View Article

Shortening School Days

School days should be shortened by two hours, because students should have more time to complete homework and study. One reason to shorten the school days is that if you want to get into a good high school or college, students will need lots of time for homework. The students will also need time to… View Article

Sports and Academic Achievement

Many studies have been done regarding the positive impact that athletics has on a student’s life. Studies have looked at the physical impact that athletics has on a student’s life like sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, discipline, strategy, and time management. We will be looking at studies that have explored the impact that athletics has on students’… View Article

Student Individuality Synthesis Paper

As human beings, we love to have the freedom to express ourselves. Public high school students spend on average eight hours in a building where behaviors are set. This strips them of their individuality in their most vulnerable stage of development through bell schedules, behavioral expectations and standardized testing. According to the school system in… View Article