College Essay Examples

Hartwick College

In this extract, we are shown insight into what Pips character has become, by reacquainting him with the convict Magwitch. In this second visit, we can see the contrast between Pips first encounter, and this more shocking scene – how Pips persona has changed from an innocent youth, to a selfish, egocentric ‘gentleman. ‘ Also,… View Article

Rubicam’s Business College

LAURA: At home… my prized possession was my glass menagerie. [she smiles faintly at the memory] My favourite was the unicorn. However… it broke. I brought the horn here with me. The other part… is with a man. BLANCHE: [she raises her hands in exasperation] Hah! Men! Terrible, hulking brutes most of them are. Especially… View Article

Halesowen College

This report is being written to the Human Resources Manager to support my application for the above stated job. Procedure: This report was compiled by analysing the job description for the above post. I have also analysed the skills which I have acquired in my current temporary post as well as from past jobs and… View Article

Football as an Intramural

Abstract Intramural sports present a fun way for students to spend their time at school, and provide an excellent opportunity to introduce themselves in the new world of college. Students get the chance to meet new people by playing against them in various sports such as softball, volleyball, and basketball. These sports are also co-ed,… View Article

Three Men in a Boat

You live life only once ,but if you live right, once is enough. The same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you through out your life and education will be your most loyal friend which will help you to achieve your career goals. Moreover, education… View Article

My career as a Computer Technician

In today’s time, some of the best career choices can be found within technology. A significant part of technology, computers, is an ever changing field, constantly growing and expanding to make newer, faster, better computers. One of the best fields within this division is Computer Technician. There are many reasons why this position is a… View Article

Why Are Some People More Successful Than Others in College?

College is a daunting endeavor. As if high school is not enough, a student going through college often faces a tough reality check. College is not a higher level of education for nothing. It is a demanding undertaking if one is to graduate with academic substance. It is a whole different world for a young… View Article

Why are Some More Successful than Others in College?

There are several reasons why there are some individuals who are more successful than others in college. Some of these are the following: The first is known as “inadequacy or excessive self-confidence” (Smith, 1923). A college student whose self-confidence is inadequate may jeopardize his or her college career as he or she may fail to… View Article

Who drops out of college and why?

One Source Cited: February 1995, Fox offers obvious examples of partiality in its presentation of exploring why students struggle to maintain full-time academic work loads. Consequently, this sparks debates about whether students are ‘taking their education seriously enough’ (par. 9) or whether there are more important factors that are restricting students from meeting these deadlines…. View Article

My First Step Into College

As I have started my college career I noticed that the writing is a lot harder than it ever has been before. More in depth, more to do and of course the deadlines and due dates are much shorter. Time and time again I’m reminded that my time management skills have really brought down my… View Article

Students working while in college

Back in 70’s and 80’s, going to college and getting a degree did not seem much of a necessary thing to do. Students, who used to have enough time, enough money or much interest in doing so, used to go to college. Other students, by the end of their high school used to start looking… View Article

Patterns for College Writing

            I spent the night before contemplating how I was going to get out of school on Thursday.  There was a social studies test I didn’t study for and I just could not bare another day of dodge ball.  On the morning of September 11, 2001 I woke up “sick”.  I pleaded with my mother,… View Article

Importance Of College Education

A college education is a necessary ingredient for a good job and comfortable lifestyle. In fact, all parents would love to see their children find successful, rewarding careers. Everyone rejoices when a child in their family graduates in college and finds a rewarding and fulfilling job related to one’s chosen field of interest. It’s no… View Article

The Personal Statement Instruction

Question 1 Focus: Academic Preparation Question: What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the field developed and describe any experience you have had in the field – such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities – and what you have gained from your involvement. My early academic… View Article

Personal Responsibility for College Success

I. To obtain college success through personal responsibility one must take ownership of their goals and ambitions. By prioritizing task such as managing time, setting realistic goals and keeping healthy, one can achieve personal career success. II. Body A. Definition of personal responsibility 1. Personal responsibility is when one solely takes responsibility over a something… View Article