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With sharing of data comes the risk of security and virus attacks and it becomes a responsible task to manage and safeguard the data.

Cloud Computing faces the following problems:

  • Security, Reliability
  • Selection of perfect cloud solution is essential for efficient use of cloud services
  • Real-time supervising requirements is required in Governmental Departments such as Banks
  • Finance Management with changing demands and seasons
  • Lack of knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing
  • Lock-in issues
  • Compliance
  • Dealing with downtime
  • Managing complex functions of hybrid and multi-cloud environment
  • Lack of Transparency

Type of Cloud

Public Cloud


  • IT services are provided by service providers
  • can be accessed via the internet
  • possess amazing potential
  • IaaS will be up surging public cloud service in coming four years
  • publically accessible
  • distributable storage
  • economizing
  • easy to purchase
  • flexible
  • interconnected servers and data centers at multiple locations
  • gives upgraded hardware
  • frequent pen testing


  • no maintenance responsibility
  • compliance
  • security issues
  • lack of control over data

Private Cloud


  • used by a specific organization
  • dedicated storage
  • also called Enterprise Clouds
  • can be further classified as Virtual Private Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, On-Premise Private Cloud
  • more secure than public clouds
  • enhanced performance
  • complete control over resources


  • costly than public clouds
  • limited scalability
  • more support requirements needed

Hybrid Cloud


  • combine use of private and public clouds
  • provides balance of accessibility and security
  • confidential data can be internally managed
  • scalable
  • cost-effective
  • flexible
  • solves data sovereignty issues

Community cloud


  • infrastructure is shared within organizations of the same industry
  • best alternative for joint businesses, ventures, etc.

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  • scalable
  • cost-effective
  • flexible

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Services incorporate an ample scope of resources such as Business Application infrastructure, security, digital online sales, etc.

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that a service provider provides to the users through the internet. There are 3 layers of Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, and laaS.


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)


  • most frequent used alternative employed by businesses
  • SaaS applications are managed via web browser
  • collaborative working
  • also called Cloud Software Services
  • pay only for the services used
  • provides virtual platform to develop and run apps
  • Also known as Cloud Platform Services
  • Third-party owns the equipment
  • Third-party manages and maintains the equipment
  • Also called Cloud Infrastructure Service or Managed Infrastructure Services


  • no downloads or installations required for the users
  • globally accessed
  • allows multi-ownership
  • allows high-level programming
  • less complex
  • provides Encapsulation
  • cost-effective
  • multi-functional option
  • location independence
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • improved compliance
  • disaster recovery options
  • reduced IT staff
  • decreased IT structure
  • customization
  • least likely of 3 models to have lock-in issues


  • execution depends on the internet
  • portability issues
  • browser issues
  • compliance
  • lock-in issues
  • migration issues
  • limited scalability
  • reliability
  • security risks
  • performance
  • unwillingness to retreat controls

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