Innovations and Cloud Computing

The internet has become an integral part in one's life by bringing so much benefits to and improves the efficiency in education, medicine, transportation, entertainment and more. Living in the digital world, a website is now a necessity. The website literally can be the life and death of a company in today's world (Sinek, 2017). With this, the term viral is now a common phrase. The ability of an organization website to go viral even at one of three levels local, national, or global simply means the organization becomes very well known in the group of people that it becomes known for.

Innovations becomes the greatest assets for companies for effectiveness and performances. Indeed, innovations improve the existing services, and be a catalyst for its growth and success. With these benefits, the deployments of cloud computing and of course the internet of things solutions accelerate, while allowing analytic insights (Nelson, 2018). More so, having a correct and selective approach, any organization can create great opportunities for innovation using cloud computing technology.

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In an article of Liz Herbert (2018), she mentions that cloud is driving demand for flexible consumption models and connected devices have made more products suitable for consumptions that enables lower unit costs and enhanced customer relationships.

On the other hand, social media highly depends on technology on any platform available (Paul Miller, 2018). Artificial intelligence can assist companies with their business to quickly give information to the organization (Charlie Dai, 2018).

Cloud and mobile devices are the key most requirements for the digital era, they also exist a risk like artificial intelligence (Andre Kindness, 2017).

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Undoubtedly, digital transformation is driving new changes new changes that are forcing companies to adopt cloud services to stay in the race. Hence, PSITE Region 3 website must go viral in its intended audience and must remain relevant. SQL is understanding the table naming for managing the database of a certain database (John Deardurff, 2018). Imagine education seminars having complete registration before the seminar started, having training certificates ready, and having the records online and ready with just a simple push of a button. PSITE 3 customers may attend seminars and have certificates printed the same day. Customers may enjoy knowing the time and location, and may gain the ability to network and chat with others.

PSITE 3 education members can be able to log into the website and track students training seminars, attendance, and annual registration status of the members. It is stated that proper design of the web has become a critical element needed to engage website and mobile application users (Jason Chiu, 2016). Seminar providers may be able to know exactly how many people are registered for a seminar ahead of time. Seminar participants may also be able to print lost certificates and know about all seminars ahead of time and be able to reprint certifications. The web administrator of the website will be able to have a database of all users and up to date tracking statics given in a simple format to be able to perform future adjustments.

The study that the researchers performed on the PSITE 3 was created using multiple research efforts. These included personal interviews of users of the website. Statically data was also collected from the current website itself. The proposed website changes were approved by everyone that was part of the discussion of the website, especially when discussing the ease of access for Seminar providers and participants. Moreover, the new website links to social media and that pictures and videos would also be uploaded and updated on a constant basis.

According to the RG Journal impact published by Springer Verlag (2015), Data is everywhere around the world and it is accessible. It faces modern technical difficulties as it is easily accessible anytime anywhere, the world wide web holds the most archived publish or journals. The study results project the design surveys and seminars. Topical coverage was included which is not limited to the following topics as they are in relation to the World Wide Web organizational tools and environment with elaborate learning and work; information technology based training as well as teaching; content languages.

With technologies being introduced around the world, it is a convenient to access the web around the world whenever and wherever. Though not all websites in the web are available in other countries, some companies in other countries develop website to be accessible by everyone for research, personal or academic purposes. The growth of technologies in this generation includes cloud for storing data that has been predicted by Dave Bartoletti (2018).

With such concerns, bringing the PSITE Region 3 to the next technological advanced level is imperative. This is why the researchers propose an improved version of PSITE Region 3 website to utilize and set tools to provide the organization with an efficient way of managing digital information (Margaret Rouse, 2016).


First, the researchers started with a survey to the respondents. The researchers first ask the respondents about their expectations on the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators website. The expectations were extremely high, due to people thinking that educators who train students would put the very best effort forward and create a futuristic website showcases new skills and technology. The name of PSITE makes everyone think of science fiction movies basically, our research concluded. The researchers had to perform the blind study without the people seeing other PSITE websites first. The researchers did not want the first thoughts to be influenced by outside variables of people looking and comparing other websites for ideals and thoughts. The researchers want raw honest first vision in a person's mind.

The second phase of the study focused on an open survey comparing the PSITE websites from all the regions in the Philippines. This open survey had multiple issues. There are some websites that can be located easily and some that the researchers were unable to locate. The researchers have enclosed screen pictures of the home website pages of the websites below. The students who participated in the study were from Marikina. The researchers decided that using students that are in the PSITE 3 area would provide basis thinking.

In the output part, when all the steps have been accomplished, the result that has been induced are services and connectivity which is a propose improve version of Philippines Society of Information Technology Educators Region 3 Website.

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework


The main objective of this study is creating an improve version of the website of the PSITE 3. The system will become the standard of what is considered accepted in the world of education for computer professionals everywhere in the world. The system bring organization, from out of the chaos from the old system. The PSITE 3 educators are the leaders creating the future leaders in the Computer technology field. They are the perfect example and mentors for students. Therefore, the website must lead by example also. The leadership is impressive, so the website must be impressive also. According to its own website the PISITE was created for education "The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) was established to pursue the promotion of quality information technology education. Specifically, it aims to serve as a venue for the optimization and development of faculty members, curricula, projects, research resources and linkages in support of improving IT education." PSITE R3 has currently more than 298 members and 85 Universities in its ranks.

The proposed PSITE Region 3 website now has the ability provide multiple solutions and information all in one place. The new website is more than just a website. It is literally a one stop shop online for everyone from everyday people to PSITE 3 Administrators. The new system contains many capabilities and can be modified in the future.

The specific developed online system aims to meet the following objectives:

1. To establish an all in one Seminar module for training. This includes being able to communicate through chat, track and print certifications.

2. Create a module that will automatically share information across social media for providing information about future, present, and past events.

3. Construct a statically tracking module so that information can be gained and used to study the effectiveness of the website.

4. Testing and define the capabilities of the new online system in terms of load capability handing and function tests.


The researchers in this study intends to match the website abilities closely to that of the leadership abilities. The PSITE is the Philippines largest professional Computer Organization. The future, current, and past professionals deserve an updated website that offers benefits of linking all these people together to perform one goal.

Educational Seminar Providers Website moderators will now be able to provide information to the entire group at once. They will be able to do registration online. They will be able to register for seminars online. They will be able to plan for the exact number of customers who will attend an education seminar. They will be able to have certificates of training ready to be sign and handle out ahead of time.

Education Seminar Participants Website users will now be able to reprint lost certifications. Schedule and plan before time to attend training seminars. Confirm registration after payment. Be aware of all seminars offered no matter the location by looking at the training calendar. Never worry about getting lost as the Seminar location due to the new support help chat feature.

PSITE 3 website Administrators Admin will be able to post pictures and videos of training events and have the social media accounts link and automatically update. They will have up to date web analytics and be able to send out mass email or text message in case of emergencies if needed. They will also have the contact information of all local representatives of the group.


The scope of the study is to provide management and organizational tools for members of PSITE Region 3 to manage content-driven websites. It is built upon to solve existing problems and create new opportunities. It will benefited them and also for the future of their organization. In addition to this is that the functionality of the system since it is a content management therefore it is without a doubt complete with functions to be able to fully interact, develop design and operate the system.

The delimitation of this study is that, it will only be beneficial to the members of PSITE Region 3 for they can gain access to the exclusive features of the website such as Membership; therefore, excluding all other region members. Also, to implement this system to the website of PSITE Region 3, it is limited and as of now impractical since its part of the delimitation of the research. The researchers goal in this study of research is to successfully propose the main idea that reached less than half the percentage required to maintain the developed idea to be presented.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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