Benefit of cloud computing and example

Cloud computing provides many different business benefits to business that choose to use to the services. First benefit that the cloud computing offers is the ability to afford the service, cloud computing is very financially affordable for business. Using the service of cloud computing, business is able to save money, able to avoid taxing-in-house systems unnecessarily. Refer to the example from this case, Amazon, cloud computing is the biggest payer, only charges business charges businesses for what they use. Cloud business will charge a monthly payment or yearly payment, this will difficult to some businesses because they don’t know whether the service will satisfy for the business or not.

Cloud computing is an affordable service for large and small businesses. And cloud computing offer from financial standpoint, that business can use Amazon’s IT infrastructure and pay a smaller amount instead of creating their own IT infrastructure. Moreover, the benefits of cloud computing is improve business in the new way, flexible computing power and data storage, provide data management.

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Zynga uses these benefits to maximize their experience with their usage of cloud computing, this company is using Amazon Web Services (AWS). When Zynga release new games, they don’t know what amount of computing resource to dedicate to the games. If they using cloud computing (Amazon cloud computing) it will benefits to them because whether their games will be popular or not, it will help them to save money. In case their games are popular, they can move it to the company’s own private cloud computing (zCloud).

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The problem that they solve:

In this case Zynga is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to solve by release their new games to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This helps Zynga to increase their efficiency and can save the money in the long run. Secondly, it can solve the problem about capacity of advertising; to launch a coupon promotion. Example from this case study, Outback steakhouse wasn’t sure how popular an upcoming coupon promotion would be, so the company use Microsoft’s Azure cloud to launch promotion. Inter Thirdly, InterContinential Hotels has revamped its infrastructure to include both private and public cloud usage to improve response time for customers, so customers will receive data faster if the data are located on a server. Lastly, IBM, Cisco and other traditional data center giants realize that cloud computing is threat to their technology infrastructure business, the solution is to rising computing costs, they have been steering their customers toward virtualization software, which allows them to run many more applications on each individual server that they buy.

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Benefit of cloud computing and example
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