Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Positive side of cloud computing

  • Making people independent from physical resources
  • Enables off-site storage (access data from anywhere)
  • Provides with uncountable resources
  • Useful for office staff
  • One of the constant technologies of virtualisation
  • Help to get rid of excess of hardware

Negative side of cloud computing

  • Cloud services costs for lifetime
  • Uploading data to cloud builds up security and privacy issue
  • Speed of downloading the uploaded data on cloud

Virtualization Terms

  • Virtual Machine – It is a collection of virtual hardware devices that holds virtual RAM, CPU and other devices that are virtual.

  • Virtual Server – A VirtualBox machine operating on a Windows OS. A server runs virtually on one server-based app.
  • Virtual Device (Hardware) – A component that acts as a duplicate and behaves like a particular hardware device.
  • Virtual Disk – Acts like a disc in a physical form. It can be in the form of software, a file etc.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is a technology that enables transfer of different type of data by a computer or a wireless network that is linked with a physical link.

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This technology has been developed a lot and is still developing. The main idea of this concept was embarked when the mobile phones were launched in 1980’s.

As the network developed, it changed its generations. It started from 1G and 5G will be launched very soon. The microprocessors that are installed in the mobile phones make them able to operate quickly and efficiently with low consumption of power and reducing the hardware size.

In today’s day and age, flash memory technology is helping mobile data storage to get more advanced.

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Earlier, the mobile phones were only able to exchange data in the form of voice. No other type of data was transmitted in those days. Mobile terminals were established in that era that were more bulkier, wanted high investment, low network speed but after sometime computer gained admiration.

Elements of Mobile phone networks


It stands for “Base Transceiver Station”. It is established in a small tower or a building and is linked via cables to the antenna at the top. It manages all the antennas that belong to the same site.


It stands for “Base Station Controller”. It main motive is to manage all the Base Transceiver Stations in a limited area. BSC checks whether the BTS is working properly or not.


It stands for “Mobile Switching Center”. It transmits voice calls in the networks of mobile. Technology used in MSC is similar as that used for a rigid network.

Moving from one cell to another

When a mobile phone moves away from cell signal, the signal of the base station weakens. To carry out the connectivity of the phone, the base station of the phone must be changed according to the location. This procedure includes using of radio frequencies that are used by the phone. Then all the traffic on the network is shifted to the new base station so the connection is maintained according to the location.

This changing of base station is carried out by Mobile Switching Centre.


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