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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1307 words)
Categories: Cloud Computing
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Chatbot for Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service

Project Proposal – Introduction

For our group project, we would like to build a chatbot for the website of Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service. The goal is to facilitate higher levels of interaction with the center via an online chatbot that is capable of responding to basic questions posed by curious students, facility and community members. By increasing the ability to communicate with the center we will hopefully encourage students to find spiritual support and guidance at Northeastern.

Features will focus on:

Well-designed user interface that will be easily leveraged by interested parties regardless of their technical ability

Background and Context

We were inspired to pick this project by the level of skill that would be required to build a functional chatbot as well as service it would be providing to the center. The goal of the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service is to provide a place for the Northeastern community to become engaged citizens, peace builders, and leaders prepared to tackle pressing global problems.

It is a welcoming place for all community members regardless of religion, sex, background. By providing a simple, friendly chatbot that delivers a welcoming experience will only increase the centers ability to grow in membership and reach. We plan on providing an interaction on the site that exemplifies the values of the center.

Project report and analysis

Basically, our project is to create a kind of junction between the user and the website administrator who will handle the ChatBots messages or query. Here three scenarios might be occurred. First, we can make it for 24/7, second between the office working hours, either store predefined answers in the ChatBots. So, when any user is trying to get information about the meeting, event, prayer etc. he can take through ChatBots by typing the correct questions keyword. The technology or the cloud computing service we will use here is Amazon Web Services. Chatbots are revolutionizing social media marketing as they allow consumers to engage with them, for example regarding customer service (Noman, 2018). The benefit of chatbots comes from their ability to give information and answers to queries, and even selling products. In general, chatbots use deep learning (a network that recognizes speech, messages and patterns) to transmit large amounts of data to then provide accurate answers to a high degree of accuracy. Per Moore’s (2017) article, chatbots are considered to soon become the best interface for businesses to directly reach out to the public. But here as I described the main purpose of this chatbot to spread information between people, transmit the news about upcoming event and make it more useful and convenient. The main purpose of introducing the chatbots is to provide ease of access to our members. So, that they can easily take any information according to their choice even from any part of the world.

Major Goals:

I believe chatbots will play an even bigger role in the future because of their increasing functionalities and versatility. Their influence on conducting market research has resulted in millions of businesses adapting them to help with customer service and marketing. Digital marketing will certainly become more AI-oriented as machine learning and advanced technologies develop, meaning businesses will probably have an easier time finding the right customers. Once chatbots will be able to do things such as sending notifications about new product releases and special offers to exactly the right people that would be likely to become members, they will have an ever-larger impact on digital marketing. Chatbots are becoming increasingly adept at replicating human conversations but this, in my opinion, is a double-edged sword. First, hackers can implement chatbots as buyers/sellers and by this they can obtain very personal information. Another is that although bots are able to provide a scalable way to interact one-on-one with buyers, they still lack the ability to deliver complex and multi-layered responses people are used to having with others.

We are hoping through this project or by adding chatbots in the website, more people will inquire about Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service and more people will incline their interest towards Northeastern University Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service. We are assuming here the registered members will find this application useful by taking all the necessary information through chatbots and the new member will pay attention to the center about joining it. To sum up their usefulness, carefully implemented and well-designed chatbots can tell a company’s brand story, facilitate commerce and grow its business (Zhou, 2017).

Review and reflection

Chatbot solution should offer AI and NLP capabilities while also being simple to use. Your tool should be able to allow to effectively launch a chatbot into their internal and external requirement with or without the need for any coding knowledge. Chatbots can act as an integral part of your department by:

  • Pushing daily activity and deals to people, with their request
  • Integrating with your social media accounts
  • Taking your concern directly from your social media pages

Integrating with all major issues

Chatbots are changing the outlook as we know it, and the key to objective and vision of the department to help student spiritually the best possible experience while stay connected with you goal.

Chatbot interactions are segmented into structured and unstructured interactions. The structured type is more about the logical flow of information, For e.g. program events, spaces, and student groups into account. The unstructured conversation flow includes freestyle plain text. Conversations with family, colleagues, friends and other acquaintances fall into this segment.

Developing scripts for these messages will apply suit. Developing the script for messages or questions, it is important to keep the conversation topics close to the topic served by the chatbot. For this developer, interpreting user answers is important to develop scripts for a conversational user interface. The designer also turns their attention to close-ended conversations that are easy to handle and open-ended conversations (blogs) that allow person to communicate naturally


Chatbots are great. But, not only are they fun to use but they are a real game changer for the customer support industry. Think about how much time, nerves and human labour could be spared by using chatbots as the first instance when customers want to contact you Basically, there are two type of chatbots – one is AI based and one is fixed approach. The Fixed based chatbots are not offering good amount information which the people require.

Chatbots are mostly seen to be complicated and require a lot of time to understand requirement person. It is also having the poor processing which is not able give expected the results in time. Due to which people, will irritate. The Fixed based chatbots can be stuck if an unsaved request is asked by the user. This can lead dissatisfaction and loss of time.

Chatbots are sometime failure to decide as per the request from person. A comparative circumstance has landed huge enterprises like Microsoft and so on stuck in an unavoidable situation when their chatbot continued making a mess while decision making. Consequently, it is basic to guarantee to ensure basic programing of your chatbot to keep any such situations which can hamper your image.

Chatbots are not ready to remember the past discussion or question which powers the client to type a similar thing again and once more. This can be irritating for the client and makes angry them in light of the exertion required. It is critical to be attentive while developing chatbots and ensure that the program can understand person’s questions and react in that situation.

Chatbots reacts in good manner if the conversation flows within the pre-programmed algorithm. It not possible for developers to implement or think all kind of possible situations. when a chatbot face an unpredictable behaviour scenario, then it gets confused.

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