Christmas Traditions and Customs

All over the world people have their own traditions and customs. Some traditions and customs have been passed on to generation to generation, others are beginning to build their own whether they choose a holiday, a summer vacation, or a special event to celebrate each year. My family tradition did not come from generations past; however, ours began when my parents started their own family as husband and wife. My parents did not have any traditions in there generation.

Traditions in My Family

My mom and dad were always there for me we did everything together as a family; for instance, spending holidays together, vacations, birthdays, and Sunday night dinners.

My parents have taught me the true meaning of family. I have built everlasting memories so that I can carry on my family’s tradition. Years later, I want to pull out that file of memories, think of my parents and smile. Thus when I think of Christmas time, what comes to my mind is a sense of togetherness, happiness, and laughter.

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Our family begins with getting a tree, decorating, baking cookies, opening our gifts we got from Santa Claus, and then finally have Christmas dinner. This marks the beginning of my family’s Christmas tradition. My family was not a big family, yet there were six of us: my mom and dad, my two sisters Danielle and Jennifer, my brother Christopher and me. We were living in Louisiana; it was my favorite out of all the other states we had lived in.

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It was in the country where all we saw were bamboo sticks which, were actually sugar cane fields; instead, I thought we lived next to a field of giant Pixie-Sticks.

I ask my mom if we can get some of the giant canes for the Christmas tree. Of course my mom does not want to tell me they are too big for the tree; instead, she tells me to wait until we select a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a big part of my family’s tradition. Every year my Dad took my siblings and me to get the Christmas tree; meanwhile my mom got the decorations down from the attic. We did not have to travel to get our tree because we had our own private enchanted forest; of course, it was one of the advantages of living here.

Our backyard was bigger than two football fields combined. I remember walking along with my brothers and sisters following my dad showing us where the wooden bridge was where we all had gone fishing, naming all the different names of the trees. We had oak, walnut, pecan, and pine all sizes ranging from very little bitty to the biggest tallest ones that seemed to touch the clouds high in the sky. It was time consuming picking out the one tree we all agreed on; eventually, we did when my dad would remind us that Santa Claus only brings gifts to good children.

Once we get back and dad sets up the tree in the living room by the window our favorite spot, so you can see it from the outside. Since we had to wait until dad was ready for us; at the same time, our mother has made the popcorn for us to make popcorn garland strings. We put the tree up in the same order every year, the lights, ornaments, popcorn garland, candy canes, and tinsel. My favorite part of decorating the tree is when my mom and dad tell me stories about the ornaments that they got when they were married, when my brother and sisters and I were born.

I knew Christmas was around the corner because my dad told us a story every night, my favorite is the “Twelve Days of Christmas” because my dad only told us what he gave my mother gift every day till the twelve day to win her heart. My dad was good at making up stories that had all of his kid’s names in them. My mom was always in the kitchen baking cookies and I was always willing to help. I could only mix the eggs or put sprinkles on the cookies. We always had cookies and milk for when Santa Claus. Christmas day was finally here and my siblings and I were up before dawn running over to the tree to see if Santa Claus came.

We were so excited there were so many presents wrapped perfectly with each of our names on it. We never had to wake our parents up I guess four kids squealing happily would wake up everyone. After we opened our gifts we would play with all of new toys. My sister Danielle was older so she got clothes and jewelry and music she loved to listen to, Jennifer and I were younger we got Barbie dolls and a dollhouse that reached us up to our waist, my brother Christopher got Matchbox cars and a race track to race the cars on.

We played all day and watched the Christmas parade on the television. Our Christmas dinner is not your traditional turkey dinner. My mom would make us Italian food. It was the one time she made all of our favorite dishes: baked ziti, lasagna, cheese ravioli, and eggplant parmesan. We all would have a little of each dish . When we were done with dinner we would all sit and watch Miracle on 34th. Street. In conclusion I would say that I would not change my family’s tradition, I would pass it on to my kids when I have a family of my own.

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