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Changing to the Metric System Essay

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Changing to the Metric System

Should the United States adopt the SI units/metric system or keep the American standard system? This is a question that has been arising since the invention of the metric system in France, 1790. Thomas Jefferson, president at the time of the invention, was deciding whether to adopt the system at the time in which he included on the constitution. I think that the metric system should be adopted in America, not only to please others, but to benefit us. The SI units are easier to use, would be more understanding to other countries, and would unify the world under one perfected system of measurement.

The metric system is very easy to use, and based on the number 10. On the other hand, the American system is doesn’t have a base, and is just a system that doesn’t make any sense. The SI units deal with decimals, rather then fractions, it also used a set of prefixes to put before the number in order to declare its value; an example of this would be putting the prefix “kilo” (which means thousand) in front of the unit “gram,” this would make “kilogram” which means one thousand grams.

If the metric system was adopted the American people could make more sense of the system of measurement. It would also make learning for younger kids easier when learning this field of study. I feel that if the SI units were adopted into the United States, not just for use of scientist but for use of everyday people, the lives of people would be more enjoyable knowing exactly how the system of SI units works.

Did you know that America, besides Liberia and Myanmar, is the only country in the world to use its own system of measurement? Well, I’m afraid to tell you that we are. It is almost sad to say that our country is to “prideful” to change to the same system of measurement that all the other countries use (SI Units). If everyone used the SI units we could all communicate better when dealing with international scientific experiments. This would especially be helpful when conducting tests on the international space system, or space activities in general. Overall, if we adopted the SI units the communication between countries would be more universal, whether their dealing with trade, science, transportation, or any other type of activity requiring measurement.

In conclusion, I believe that the SI units are a lot easier to use then the American Standard system of measurement, and would make the lives of Americans easier. The metric system is there for everyone to use, and the United States should adopt this great system of measurement. We could measure things knowing that they make sense, remembering that they are based on ten and a set of prefixes. I can there for conclude that the SI units are a overall more sensuous system of measurement than the American Standard system, and that it should be adopted by the US immediately. After all, wouldn’t it make sense that the great country in the world uses the same system that all other countries use?

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