Celebrity Activism and Awareness

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Do you believe star activism is a favorable or unfavorable thing? That's the concern. To me, I believe celebrity advocacy has a really favorable result on society and need to end up being more popular. More stars must become activists since activists have a long effective history, celebrity activism helps draw attention to all different sort of concerns & & activism gives stars an opportunity to use their wealth for the good of something greater than themselves. Star advocacy actually helps out the less lucky and provides back to the neighborhood.

Given that a great deal of celebrities got their fame from the fans & & paparazzi, they should be thanking them anyways. As you can see, celeb advocacy should be applauded as it promotes awareness and attracts attention to all different type of purposes.

To begin with, celeb activists have actually achieved success for a while. According to the authors of the short article, celebrities have a "long history of using their fame to support their favorite causes and charities," which shows that is has been successful.

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(Chittom) This is a crucial statement since it shows that stars that in fact devote time to helping out causes and events result in a strong and favorable way.

Since celeb advocacy has been around for a while, that must suggest something. Activism would not be around for this long if it was pointless and is ineffective on society. For instance, the post specifies that in the 1980s the over night success of Band Aid and U.

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S.A. for Africa raised considerable funds for scarcity relief in Africa. If that much development was made in the 1980s, think of how huge of an effect celebrity activism has on the world today.

Secondly, celeb activism assists raise awareness for several causes. This being said, celeb advocacy assists accentuate "environmental, medical, political, and social problems."(Chittom) One well known activist who raised awareness for all type of categories is an Irish vocalist, Bono.

He was part of a music group called Band Aid. The group had a top selling single and all profits went to famine relief in Ethiopia. In two decades, Bono has become the busiest and most involved celebrity activists. Bono has been involved in raising awareness for multiple of the categories I listed above, along with a whole bunch of other activists. So if people think celebrity activism only helps out only one cause, they’re wrong. As you can see, celebrity activism helps out a big variety of problems and issues.

Lastly, celebrity activism gives celebrities a chance to use their fame for something else besides benefiting themselves. Activism is “an opportunity for celebrities to use their wealth and notoriety for something greater them themselves.” (Chittom) This means that way too many celebrities care about themselves. They don’t give any consideration for the people who are less fortunate than they are. Maybe they don’t have the time, but they might just be ignorant instead. Activism allows celebrities to get involved and work for something to help make a difference for others. So, the bottom line is if celebrities chose activism, it would let them help out other people instead of just caring about themselves.

Now, celebrities lack at being spokespeople for events because their busy careers and lifestyles doesn’t allow them to fully commit or it results in celebrities showing “negative publicity.” (Belanger) This being said does weaken my argument and point of view because it is all true. A lot of celebrities don’t have spare time whatsoever. Some celebrities have every day of their life planned for the next year ahead or maybe even more than that. But being said from the two authors who said this, they also stated that there is a positive side to activism, since they have such a “high profile status,” (Belanger) they can bring attention to many kinds of causes. So even though celebrities might not be fully committed, even a little bit of dedication can help make a change.

To sum everything up, celebrity activism is a very good thing and increase and become more common. Celebrities should consider participating in activism because it really does help in giving back to society. Since celebrities are so popular, it can help draw attention to events that originally not get a lot of attention. Now that you’ve hear my argument, do you think celebrity activism is a positive or negative thing?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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