The Fascination and Consequences of Celebrity Worship

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About celebrity worship Good morning, everyone! Today my topic is about celebrity worship. Do you worship any celebrities? I think the answer will probably be yes. Nowadays most of us have their own idols. Whether the people of our affections are movie stars, athletes, or politicians we are hungry for information about them. We want to know what they are saying, what they are wearing, where they are going and whom they are with. Moreover, we mock their actions and want to become one of them who are often portrayed as beautiful, clever and rich.

I think this is “celebrity worship”.

And it is not only teenagers’ right; many adults also admire celebrities. But what drives our endless fascination with celebrity worship? The following some aspects may give the answer to the question. First of all, to some degree celebrity worship is a kind of belief. In this transient world, nothing seems to be unchangeable. People must find something to worship so that they will not lose themselves.

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Therefore, they admire celebrities, consider celebrities as good examples of their own lives and want to become as famous or wealthy as celebrities are.

Secondly, some people consider the fascination with celebrities as a substitution for real life. There are many problems in our daily life, so people focus on celebrities’ life to avoid their own problems. They see celebrity worship as a kind of entertainment. In this way, they can relax themselves. What’s more, celebrity worship is a symbol of fashion especially for teenagers.

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If they do not want to be out-of-date, they believe that they should have an idol. As celebrity worship becomes increasingly crazy today, people begin to be concern about the impacts of it on our daily life.

To some degree, celebrity worship can be unhealthy. If we pay too much attention to these famous people, we may do some crazy things that may hurt others or ourselves. For example, it was reported that a young girl from LiaoningProvince committed suicide just because her mother refused to buy her a CD of her idol. Another famous example is about a 28-year-old girl called Yang Lijuan. She became a huge fan of Andy Liu 13 years ago. From that moment, the only thing she cared about in her life was to meet her idol. She quit school, wrote letters, and spent many years watching the star's music videos.

She even made public attempts to get close to him, two times in Hong Kong and once in Beijing, but every time was disappointed. The girl's father was a 68-year-old retired middle school teacher who supported the entire family with his pension of 1,900 yuan per month and her mother was unable to work due to poor health. Her parents tried to persuade her to give up, but after their efforts failed, her father decided to help his daughter realize her dreams at any cost. The family borrowed money and went to Hong Kong again in order to meet the girl’s idol.

Finally, the girl fulfilled her dream. However, her father became furious after he was informed that his daughter would not get a chance to spend enough time to talk privately with the star about her feelings for him. He jumped into the sea in an early Monday morning while his wife and daughter were still asleep. What a great tragedy it is! In addition, some experts say that celebrity worship can decrease a person's self-esteem because the endless admiration and yearning for a life and lifestyle that are out of reach may lead to one's feelings of isolation and inadequacy.

However, some other experts take different views of it. They believe that for some celebrity worship may be unhealthy, while for most of people, it is can actually improve our lives. This is particularly true when the people of our affections set a good example that helps us strive to achieve our own ideals. If you idolize someone for their accomplishments, and these accomplishments make gains in your own life, then admiring a celebrity can have a positive effect on your ambition, or even on your mental health.

In my opinion, celebrity worship is a kind of fact, whether it is good to us depends on how we treat it. We should have a reasonable attitude towards it. In our transient world, we need to find a goal for our life. In this sense, we may look up to celebrities as role models. But we should remember that they are just ideals. We should not mock their actions all the time. We need to find our own way to get our perfect life. In a word, if we worship a celebrity, we should choose the right people and the right way. That is all. Thanks for your attention.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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