Cars enslave us rather than liberate us Essay

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Cars enslave us rather than liberate us

Cars have been in use since the year 1870. Since then the number of cars on the roads has increased many times over. Cars now seem to have made our live easier and more convenient. Nevertheless, in my opinion, more cars give us much more problems than their benefits.First of all, people must work much harder in order to afford a car. This also means that they have to earn a considerable amount of money. The prices of new cars are so high that they usually need to take a credit to buy one. Moreover, cars are not only expensive to buy, but also cost very much to run. In fact, the gas price gets higher and the cost of maintenance is overpriced. Therefore, you have to work more hours if you want to have a car and still be able to live a decent life. one has to work overtime if he or she wants to have a car and keep their car still useful. Second, the quality of life in our cities is made worse because of cars. There are many traffic jams every day and the number of accidents is on the increase.

Consequently, people almost are getting more stress when they drive on street and feel risky every time. Futhermore, cars have had an adverse impact on the environment, causing an alarming rise in the levels of pollution worldwide. In addition, the toxic gases that cars eliminate pollute the air we breathe and this seems to threaten our lives every day. To make the matter worse, the main reason that develops the number of lung cancer is the air pollution. There are many people who die from lung cancer every year. Thirdly, I think that people who own cars are worried about them, especially when their cars being stolen or damaged. In order to cope with this worry, they have to install expensive alarm systems and, to make matters worse, car-owners have to avoid areas of the city where cars get broken into or stolen. Finally, there are a lot of advantages of the cars.

For example, you can set off to any place you want no matter what time of the day and if there is any public transport to there. Another advantage in my view that cars are very helpful in carrying things from one place to another. To conclude, it is clear that cars seem to have made our live easier and more convenient. In conclusion, cars have many advantages but enslave us even more. Cars take us much affordability, threaten our life and worry us about making the car safe.

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