When did I Realise the Importance of Life?

I used to be the kind of person who thought nothing could ever hurt me, until a usual morning turned into a disaster, which made me realize that life can be taken abruptly. My event is my car accident. After waving goodbye to my parents, I was off to work on a beautiful evening. It was August 2, 2002 I worked at Burger Kind which was in Perrysburg, Ohio. I remember listening that day to Alanis Morisette, looking at the beautiful wild daisies freshly blossoming on the side of the road.

Then, all of a sudden, I heard a loud noise, which was the driver’s side tire blowing out.

That’s when everything spun out of control. I remember hearing the air bag bursting out then lost control. I headed straight for the ditch and end for end my convertible two times and smashed into the ditch upside down the opposite way I was going. Soon after the convertible started to roll, I was knocked unconscious.

When I woke up, my front half of my body was in between the front seat with my head in the back seat. A neighbor who was checking his field saw the entire event and rushed to help me. He called 911 for me once they arrived they had to use jaws of Life to get me out of the car which was in the ditch.

A few minutes after I hear life flight landing. Within minutes, I was in the trauma center at Toledo Hospital. Later, I was in my room with minor injuries and stayed for observation.

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After that day, I came to realize that life is too precious to be taken for granted. I try to take each day and make it worthwhile. When my history teacher gives me reading homework, I rejoice in the fact I am here to read it at all, and that I can learn, instead of being a vegetable in the hospital like so many are after terrible car accidents. A doctor told me that I was lucky to be alive. Now, I live every day like it is my last.

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