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Businessperson could be an effective leader yet

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Essay, Pages 2 (293 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (293 words)

When the six types of power such as legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, referent and subordinate by the leader to the employees ND does not divide the power with the employees so they can be partners in decision making, this constitute the leader as ineffective among their team members. The thing that leaders are burdened with is the vision, change, motivation, persuasion, creativity, and influence, but if they able to put the vision with a plan, and make a conversion at an applicable time, motivate and influence the right personnel with a complete and practical plan their leadership will become ineffective.

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Lack of management tools can cause a leader to fail in bringing out the concept out n the open. Leaders are likely to loss important Items and forecast decisions that can affect a business plan. Failing to chain the right employees can compose a waste of resources. Nevertheless when a manager Is effective but an ineffective leader It Is because the leader has a lack of valuing the power of Influence, motivation, accept other opinions, which are the six types of power.

When a manager Is extremely technical, controlling and endlessly planning and organizing It creates an atmosphere of doubtfulness.

This can also cause dependence among the employees ND confine their developmental skills. Sometimes managers tend to become autocratic and want to hold most authority and not share In decision making with their colleagues this can cause low moral In the future decisions made. Managers that are effective also disapprove hierarchy and bureaucracy because assignments can not be completed on time.

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Managers may use appealing leadership skills for unethical use of their authority to achieve Illegal and Immoral extremes. Managers require an array of skills but also to attain Influence among their colleagues.

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