If I Was A World Leader And I Could Change The World

If I was the world leader I would try everything to make our planet better and help it by reducing pollution, saving the environment, and other stuff that currently I can’t think of.

The first main thing that has to be fixed is pollution. Because of it it is damaging the environment, human health and is causing global warming but If I was the world leader I would try to help as much as I could by replacing the power plants that make a lot of smoke and put wind turbines or maybe solar panels.

In the ocean, we could destroy those oil rigs and put water turbines near the shore and try to make most cars electric. Even if we do that there will be still a lot of pollution because of people smoking, people burning wood and some people will obviously be not able to buy the new electric cars because of them having not enough money which leads them to use old cars which lets out a lot of smoke and we can’t ban smoking because it will be hard for some people and there will still be people who will smoke and buy smoke from black markets or other places secretly.

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Because of humanity growing fast, there will be more need for apartments and if we don’t build them fast enough some people will have to live on the streets and burn plastics and wood. Another idea is that we could plant a lot of trees.

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But even if we do everything we could there be an end to this either the sun dies or our resources will finish and we will have nothing to survive with which will lead us to travel to another planet. If that ever happens we must go to a different planet like mars because Nasa or some other place said that mars are most likely to be like our planet from our solar system so there might be a chance that I will make us go to a different planet If I was your superior leader.

Since we basically finished talking about the problems of earth and how to solve them ( I think ) we can now talk about entertainment YEY. If I was the world leader the first fun thing I would do is that the amusement parks are free for people under the age of 18, free horse rides for kids under 8 and free pizza once every month if you want to eat pizza or it could be any other food. If you want to you can go to the driving park and drive a car but you have to be older than 14. When you enter the park you must first learn and then pass a test to drive which will be really helpful when in the future when you are gonna get your real driver's license.

Now on to the technological advances I want to make. There are a lot of technological advances I want to make and one of them is flying cars. With flying cars, our lives will be way better since you could travel to anywhere you want quickly without any traffic or problems except for car malfunctioning and turning off or just doing weird stuff on its own. Next up are food plants that can grow pizzas, burgers, or any type of food. The second is the space transport system. It is a tower that is going really high and out of the atmosphere into space so that the transport spaceships could easily float and save time and fuel or energy. The third is the antinukes which will just plant trees, plants, and put water which will make a really nice terrain instead of just exploding and making a place where barely anything could live. The last one I really want is the metron 2000 which will be a robot that just plays memes everywhere it goes and will have a database of all the memes that ever existed.

That is what I would do If I was the world leader. I didn’t quite reach my word limit but it is only because I have nothing more to say and I am just trying to get a bit more words by typing these so hope you understand :)

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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