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What is a leader? Steve explains the leader is building people together and let people done more successful and help them get successful. The leadership development class encourage me to achieve various skills such as leadership skills, people skills, communication skills. It also clears my vision for life.

First of all, I realize my self-awareness get improved. I will try to listen to others' opinions and I am aware of my own background cultures and experiences and sometimes compare my values with those of others, but I think it is not enough because I need to think of other feelings rather than my personal idea.

I should think carefully when meeting people of different backgrounds. Another problem is I am too authoritarian, I should think of more ways or ideas to identify the problems. I am thinking more broadly and trying to see problems from several perspectives. It may help me select the best situation to solve the problems.

I used to be a very shy person, but nobody will trust me.

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Since I had several experiences for leadership, I changed a lot in the past 5years. I believe I still have to be more confident. Because when I sometime first time met the strangers in our group, it was hard for me to get familiar with the others. I was usually speechless and felt embarrassed for a while. Currently, I am the first person to break up this embarrassing situation. I know how to start a topic under Steve's training.

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Being a leader, we have to gain cooperation and enhance the relationship. For example, doing our group project or in the workplace, if I am the leader of the team. I will analyze my group members' strengths to manage their works and tell them what they need to do to prepare. The important thing is I also motivate my group members in a positive direction and express a positive value to the audience. I will use the limit time to finish what we need to complete. I also expected to receive the comments and accept criticism and acknowledge mistakes to make sure the work of our group can be better. It also is a good way to recognize and improve the performance of myself and the group.

The purpose of my life, I would like to keep doing innovative actions for my life or business. When new ideas come out of the making, my confidence increases. I have the courage to conquer new challenges. I continue my communication skills and people skills throughout my career. I have a passion for meeting new people and being prepared for any situation. When I communicate with others, I do not want to give them a bad impression, so I make sure I talk about topics that they are interested in. In order to have good self-control and be respectful to others, I think first and then I give my opinions later. While I maintain my self-awareness and respectfulness, I will also develop my critical thinking skills. I enjoy meeting new people because I see them as a chance to make a new friend. I believe great friendships are an essential part of my life. I live an intentional life, so I follow a personal daily plan in order to be prepared for tomorrow. I realize that opportunities can easily be lost if I am not ready. So, I am always ready, and I am always prepared.

Overall, it will be a good experience in my college life and a good lesson for my future life. At least, we have to understand ourselves before identifying others. I hope everyone recognized their weaknesses and strengths through these college experiences and enhanced their competencies. We have been positive and struggling toward the goal of our life.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022

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