Six Degrees Could Change The World

In the world we live today, everything happened so fast even we don’t know what has happened already, what is happening now and what could threatened us. In the video Six degrees could change the world illustrated global warming hasn’t been out of control yet, but it soon could be. There are many problems that we need to face in daily life. There is the challenge of climate change, the temperature is rising up and the weather is fluctuated unstoppable.

We can see droughts in one place and flood in another place or droughts and flood in the same place. The rainforest especially Amazon rainforest will wither. Water resources are being dried. The glaciers at Arctic and ice sheet at Greenland are melted. Animals include insects struggle to survive. Ecosystem and world’s biodiversity on land and under the water are very harmful. The Mediterranean part of Europe wither in searing summer heat also Paris tends to empty in the summer.

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Nearly 90 percent of world energy start as a fossil fuel such as coal, oil, natural gas, there fuel combined are the single largest source of CO2 that is increased gradually in the atmosphere and the air’s molecule that we have breathed.

There’s creeks drying up that have never dried up in human lifetime. We’ve got a forest that’s already at the edge. Our world is at a crossroads. Sooner or later global warming could be out of control. The warning signs are all around us.

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We’re facing against climate change. So what can we do about global warning? If we don’t, what will happen to the planet?

Imagine in 21st century if global warming accelerates where does the next super-storm hit, the next scorching heat wave, the next catastrophe, as the warm by degree? Scientists around the world agree we now live in a world warms. If the world warms by one degree the Arctic is ice free for half the year opening the legendary Northwest passage for ships ten thousands of homes around the Bay of Bengal are flooding. Hurricanes begin hitting the south Atlantic serve droughts in the western US case shortages in global grain and meat markets. This is our one plus degree.

If the world warms by warms by two degrees some changes to the biosphere are no longer gradual Greenland’s glaciers are disappearing so much ice has melted polar bear struggle to survive insects migrate in strange new directions as a temperature climate moves worth in the US pine beetles kill off the Whitebark forests like grizzly bears key source of food in the fall new forest take root in Canada’s melting Tundra the Pacific Islands of Tuvalu are lest beneath the rising tide of global warming this could be our world plus two degrees. By now, the release of greenhouses gases are beginning to alter the ocean. In Europe people died prematurely due to heat related illnesses. The Mediterranean countries will become drier and hotter. Crops production are decreasing gradually.

In the three degrees warming, Africa will split between the north which will see a recovery rainfall and the south which becomes drier. The last time the world experienced a three degree temperature rise was during the geological Pliocene Age (3 million years ago). The historical period of the earth’s history was undoubtedly due to high of CO2 levels. It seems like the majority of the counties around the world face lots of problems such as flood, droughts the rainforests dries out and the impaction of CO2.

At the four degrees temperature rise sea level changes would be irreversible. There is uncertainty as regards the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet. If there were to be an invasion of sea water, rapid melting would result leading to a 5 metre rise in sea levels. There would be international decline in agricultural production due to reduced river flows and desertification. A 4° temperature rise would see a collapse of civilisation, leading to conflicts world- wide. The climate models become a little less certain at a predicted 4° temperature rise up.

Our five plus degrees, the planet as we know it becomes unrecognisable No ice sheets remain No rain forests left Rising sea levels have caused mass inundations far inland totally altering the geography of the planet Humans will herd into shrinking habitable areas Drought Floods Inland temperatures 10° or more higher than now There is a risk of the release of methane hydrates from the ocean floor due to changes in deep ocean temperatures. This will further add to the release of green house gases and take climate change well beyond the tipping point of no return. The release of methane hydrates will cause sub-marine landslides and this in turn will cause tsunamis throughout the planet. Habitable areas will shrink towards the poles. There would be a total collapse of civilisation requiring new forms of governance, quite probably not of a democratic nature. There would inevitably be a massive reduction in the supportable population. Quite possibly billions will die.

We are in the realms of dystopia. The human species may survive a 6° temperature rise but it is by no means certain. Sea levels could be 20 m higher than current

The volatility of the climate will see hurricanes throughout the planet of unimaginable ferocity. This is could be six plus degrees.

In the conclusion, base on the writing above all these things climate change, droughts, flood, hurricanes, etc. happened by the reasons and many reasons are from human. People nowadays, are living in competition and the competition is unstoppable. They want to be on top and strive to create something. All the results from the invention are very harmful to environment, humanity and they really know, but they don’t care because they just want to live on top, so the world we live today is unsustainable.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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