Indra Nooyi is a leader woman who was able to make a radical change in

Indra Nooyi is a leader woman who was able to make a radical change in her company and gain the love of her employees, and built a large network of knowledge using her skill in communication and social intelligence. As a leader and high-positioned business woman, she succeeded in empowering her mental abilities and way of thinking in a short time through using these guidelines:

1. She has a migrant mentality. Since she is a naturalized citizen, Nooyi knows very well that no matter how powerful her position is, they can take it from her at any moment.

2. She always use rational and critical thinking. She was able to highlight in to a problem and see tiny details, look at it from a larger picture then seeing it again in micro terms. This way, she gets to understand it from different viewpoints.

3. She keeps update of the demands of being a leader. When she received the Pepsi chair person, she thought it was very easy for her because she was in a position similar to her current one.

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But when she started working, she realized that being a company president was not easy and needed great effort, awareness and experience.

4. She believes always there are something new. Indra believes that everyone has to develop his mental and motor abilities and skills and that there is always something we do not know. She has been on the principle of if you want the success and development of the company, you have to develop yourself and workers or else no development will occur.

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5. She practices micro and macro management. Nooyi runs the company not only by looking at the big picture but she is also into details.

6. She always treats employees in a humanity way. Regardless of the position and the ability she has. She never forget that all of us are human beings and we are not machines. We all have feelings, family and duties towards relatives. She treats her employees in humble and respectful way.

7. She thinks global but acts local. PepsiCo sells to more than 200 nations and this implies diverse sorts of clients, an assortment of inclinations and societies. Enter to India helped the CEO to take a look at how the market responds from different pieces of the world.

8. She has the ability to make any change. When she pushed for more advantageous items for the organization, not all were certain about it. A long time later, they were refuted. Nooyi was not hesitant to take a quantum jump for the organization and it was a success.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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