Success Story: Indra Nooyi

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Based on the data we have collected through this research, and with respect to the jobs she accomplished and the improvements related to the position of PepsiCo in it industry we need more than a project for concluding her way of managing that led PepsiCo to success.

Leaders have faced different situation that affect their career job and those situation had a big impact on their leadership style, for example Indraa's mother have used technic in putting challenges between indraa and her sister, and this challenge have affected Indraa's personality in choosing always the difficult ones.

She finished her studies at IIM Kolkata, from where she completed her PG Diploma in Management in 1976.

After this she traveled to US and in 1987 she finished her degree in Public and Private Management. She also managed to complete a summer internship with Booz Allen Hamilton as well.

Indraa joined PepsiCo in 1994 and after 7 years only she reached the CEO position, and started her journey in the success, she made important acquisitions such as (Tropicana, Quaker).

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Her way of manages led PepsiCo to reach a direct competition with Coca-Cola in the non-fizzy market.

Her success, as she stated refers to her ability to empower her self-confidence, problem solving and improving her skills.

PepsiCo CEO Nooyi will step down after 12 years leading the company, specifically in October 3 in 2018, and after she grew the revenues of the company from $ 35 billion in (2006) to reach $ 63.5 billion in (2017). And will remain as chairman until the early of 2019.


From what was conducted in this research, we have found that Indraa Nooyi in a certain point was overqualified and those skills led her to be on of the most important CEO's in the world.

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For us as prospectors we don't have much to add and our recommendations will be for supporting her style of leading, her combination of using different leadership style situational, democratic and informative styles, thus, giving her employees the freedom to innovate and to invest in them for improving their abilities. According to the results this could be very important for the new generation of leaders to use, so we recommend it as well.

In addition, Indraa's behavior was one of the most important aspect for her to success, our behavior determines the level of the results we may get in future and working on improving it is equal to working on improving a specific skill.

Indraa's behavior helped her to create a way of gaining the employees trust and loyalty, as we mentioned before in this research she used surprising with gratitude. Thus, we recommend this style for gaining the employees loyalty.

For us to benefit from a leader like her we have to study every aspects of Indraa's personality and every contribution she did during her career job.

Each leader has his/her own style of leading; we can observe previous success stories but apply it in our own way.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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