Personal Philosophy Of Success And Some Success Strategies I Got After Taking "College Students Success" Class

The best way to determine the “Personal Philosophy of Success” in the essay is to understand the definition of success and provide examples. Each person has their own definition of success. In my own definition, being success means you can reach and achieve your goals or what you are dreaming. Earning an “A” and getting more knowledge on the class that you take are examples of being success in college.

Personal Philosophy of Success: Examples of Strategies

After five weeks of taking the “College Students Success” course, I have learned many different success strategies which are from the textbook.

Setting the the the the the the creator mindset, self-motivation, and self-management are the most important and helpful lesson for me. And each lesson becomes the successful strategy to me and help me able to move forward and be closer to my goal. In other words, these strategy give me more preparation for my college life and my future career.

Through the creator mindset strategy, we understand that what happens in our lives is caused by the action, decision, and choice that we have done.

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Being creator mindset means being more responsible for what we have done. Instead of blaming other people or finding an excuse for the mistake or problems and troubles in our lives, seeking a solution, taking actions, and trying new things are another way to solve the problems and troubles that we have in lives. Creator mindset makes people be more creative and able to see multiple choices and can choose wisely.

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When taking a challenge course, people who have “Victim” mindset will complain about the course or blame the teacher, and some even find the way to drop this challenge course. Instead of this, creator mindset chose to ask the teacher when they have questions, do a study group for homework, and prepare for the class. Creator mindset people will choose the wise way to help them finish and get a better grade for the challenge course.

My second success strategy is self-motivation. Motivation is the force that push people move forward and closer to their goals or the will for people to achieve their goals and be success. Creating motivation, setting and sticking to the goal, and making personal affirmation are some basic steps to discover and being a self-motivation people. First step, creating motivation, let people understand the important of their goals and the reason why they have to work and achieve their goals instead of giving it up. Sometimes, motivation can become a power to push people up. Setting the goal is like planning for the life or people’s dreaming about themselves. Personal affirmation is a personal support. It helps people can believe in themselves, be more confident about them. Through a personal affirmation, a self-confident is added up to people and become a motivation for them to achieve their goals.

Successful people were not born in success, they have to work to be success. Repetition of purposeful actions is the way to achieve goals and success. Purposeful actions will become urgent, so people have to do those before they become urgent. Because time is not manageable, you have to be a self-management to do all purposeful action on time. Become self-management people, you have to write down and take note every actions you have to finish and then put them in many different lists, such as weekly calendar, monthly calendar, tracking form, and waiting for list. People have to be commitment, persistence, and self-discipline, so they can be a good self-management. Self-management help people not to waste their time for unnecessary work and miss purposeful and important actions.


Taking the “College Student Success” course, my definition and philosophy of success have changed a lot. I have learned many different new things and some new success strategy. Those new things move me closer to my goal and I can prepare for my college life. Being more prepare for my college life, I can get more helpful knowledge and be more successful.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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