Indra Nooyi's Leadership Qualities

Strength and weaknesses:

As all leading leaders in the world of management, despite their brilliant and shinning success, there must be gaps and weaknesses that were a hindrance during their practical marches. Here are some of the weakness and strength Indra Nooyi has:


  1. She is smart with high Emotional intelligent
  2. She has a wide and close connection with her employees, customer, and other competitors
  3. She maintain a good and tight relation with her employees and their family.
  4. She is sympathetic and caring person.

  5. She is always aware and up to date to everything in the market.
  6. She listen to her employee's opinion, collect the cream and take the final decision.
  7. She is always aware of having motivated and satisfied employees.
  8. She possesses high communication skills.
  9. She is highly energetic and ready for any unexpected situation and change.
  10. She is charismatic with high self-confident and esteem.
  11. She introduce a new product line to Pepsi (healthy snack and drink) in order to satisfy all generation and category.
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  12. She cares about Environment (Degradable packaging) and social awareness.
  13. She balance between work, family and social life and apply this program even though at the employee (flextime, emergency left).
  14. Give employee their freedom to choose or set their own culture (she wears sari in many occasion)
  15. She is a risk taker with specific and coherent decision.
  16. She is highly committed to morals and ethics.
  17. When she comes to the Pepsi the employee turnover rate decreases and the work condition change to motivate employees.
  18. She takes long term decisions and care about all the generation.
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  1. She care a lot for employees which may affect the production and profit of the organization.
  2. She use motherhood sight or view which affect negatively the organization.
  3. Her style and character cannot be applied except in situational case that requires creativity and innovations.
  4. She is very tough on herself and work with high standards which cannot all employee follow or reach.
  5. Her close and tight relation with her employees affect both the leaders and his follower and may delay decision making. (Misuse of this relation from both part)

VII. Acknowledged Exceptional Abilities

Indra Nooyi is a business woman who was able to make a radical change in her company and gain the love of her employees, and built a large network of knowledge using her skill in communication and social intelligence. As a leader and high-positioned business woman, she succeeded in empowering her mental abilities and way of thinking in a short time through using these guidelines:

  1. She holds on to an immigrant mentality. Being a naturalized American citizen, Nooyi retains this in mind to remind herself that whatsoever post she has, it can always be taken away from her.
  2. She uses inductive thinking. With inductive thinking, she was able to highlight in to a problem and see tiny details, look at it from a larger picture then seeing it again in micro terms. This way, she gets to understand it from different viewpoints.
  3. She keeps herself aware of the demands of being a leader. When she became the chief of PepsiCo, she stated to herself it is just a piece of cake, assumed that she has worked with different firms and held significant positions. However, when she became a CEO, it was different. Nooyi said that regardless of one's job being close to the top, as CEO and CFO, there is nothing more exciting than being a CEO and having the know-how and experience in previous jobs will not serve.
  4. She believes in the importance of continuous learning. Indra Nooyi once said: "The distance between number one and number two is always a constant. If you want to improve the organization, you have to develop yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you. That is a big lesson. I cannot just expect the organization to improve if I don't improve myself and lift the organization, because that distance is a constant". She constantly looks for methods to improve herself, acquire and what attitude is best for the organization.
  5. She practices micro and macro management. Nooyi runs the company not only by looking at the big picture but she is also into details.
  6. She always treats her employees from humanity sight. In spite of her accomplishments and power, she remains grounded. She is significant and her relatives are the ones in charge of keeping her feet on the ground.
  7. She thinks global but acts local. PepsiCo sells to more than 200 nations and this implies diverse sorts of clients, an assortment of inclinations and societies. Enter to India helped the CEO to take a look at how the market responds from different pieces of the world.
  8. She has the ability to make any change. When she pushed for more advantageous items for the organization, not all were certain about it. A long time later, they were refuted. Nooyi was not hesitant to take a quantum jump for the organization and it was a success.
  9. She believes in the importance of private and public partnerships. As a leader, she is a believer that both private and open segments should treat each other as partners and not adversaries.
  10. She encourages being comfortable and true to one's self. Nooyi still strolls shoeless and takes care of telephone calls from relatives amidst gatherings. Regardless she wears a Sari at work a few times, sings and does not overlook her legacy in spite of being in charge of PepsiCo. This likewise incorporates regarding her representatives as more distant families and permitting an increasingly casual environment at the working environment.
  11. She balances short and long term goals. Dissimilar to different leaders who focus on the quarterly figures, Nooyi has confidence in the significance of both short and long term objectives. She asserts that a true leader strives to accomplish momentary objectives and in the meantime make sure that these objectives lead likewise to meeting long term objectives.
Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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