Success Story Of Universal Robina Corporation


Trace URC's success story. What are the factors that contributed to its success?

URC headed by John Gokongwei started in 1954. In today's competitive advancements/industry, we have to think and grab every opportunities that we can get. John Gokongwei used the growing market of the competitors as a motivation to build and create his own diversified products. He doesn't stop creating new products for the customers and make sure that they will get satisfied. He continues the quality improvement of his product.

From the corn milling plant that produced glucose and cornstarch, Consolidated Foods Corporation in 1961 that produced the bestselling coffee the blend 45. He doesn't stop there, Robina Farms started its operation in 1963 that produces poultry products and expanded into hog raising products. URC also expanded with Jack n' Jill brand in 1966. He acquired three sugar mills and refineries, started an airline and Digitel Mobile Philippines was established.

In tracing the success story of Universal Robina Corporation, Gokongwei, doesn't stick on the product that he had.

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He continue to create and innovate a product and he make sure to satisfy his consumer. I think, Gokongwei have the positive mindset and a strong determination in every decision that he makes.

Analyze the growing market base in Asia. How did Gokongwei take advantage of it?

John Gokongwei took advantage of the growing market to make his own diversified product. He make the other growing companies as a motivation to improve and innovate his product. When he thinks that other businesses are growing, he is so responsive to change and work hard.

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He does not lose hope that his company will strive more and compete with other growing businesses. I think gaining loyal customers makes his company a multinational one. As an entrepreneur, he create value to the customers and take the risk. Before, Gokongwie's vision was to have a local multinational company and he make it real by being determined and confident on his products and strategies.

Based on John Gokongwei's word of wisdom, how can the Philippines compete globally?

"Everything involves a risk. No risk, no reward."

Don't be afraid to take risk. Being an entrepreneur is a risk taker and an innovator. Our passion and the determination at everything we do makes us ahead of anybody. Based on Gokongwei's word of wisdom, we must take a risk in order to gain reward or achievement. Having 86 million people, I believe that we can create our next multinational company that can compete to global and international brand. Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland even though they have few people, it doesn't make it a hindrance to create and have their global brand. I think, using our strength or the thing that we are good at, we can create our own and compete globally.

Are there hindrances for the Philippines inability to have its own global brand? Explain

I think yes. Even the Filipino itself. Most of the Filipinos patronizing the imported products or the products from other country. In order to have our own global brand, we must use our own products, we must patronize the Filipino brand because it starts here before it will become globalize. We usually think that when it is made from the Philippines, it is frail and easily damage or destroy while when it is from other countries or imported, we think that it is original, authentic and best quality. It is sad that many of us think that way a colonial mentality. We should patronize our own product not just by helping our economy to grow but also helping our fellow Filipinos.

Identify Gokongwei's entrepreneurial traits which made him successful.

John Gokongwei's entrepreneurial traits which made him successful are risk-taker, innovator, competitiveness, disciplined, strong determination, and of course, the passion in everything he do. He has an entrepreneurial mind that every entrepreneur must have. He overcome all the challenges and obstacles that he encounter along the way to success. He uses his talents, abilities and creativity to create a new and innovated products. Of course, when you are passionate to something it will end up the way you want it. Also, having a positive mindset made him successful because in every risk that he takes, he believed in a positive result. Good consumer relationship is one of the traits that I think made him successful. Without a customer or consumer, our business will fail and will not continue its operation.

Is Gokongwei's move a strategic one, with Sun being number 3 in the telecommunication industry?

For me, it's a yes, Gokongwei's move in acquisition of sun cellular is a strategic one. We know that sun is the third telecommunication player in the Philippines. The acquisition of sun cellular by PLDT, which also owns Smart communications, makes them become a much bigger operator or Telecommunication Company. Today, the market for networks are vast where there are various networks competing with each other and it is good strategy that PLDT bought the majority percent stake in Digitel. Now, it only leaves two major players in the local mobile telecommunications market and it is PLDT and Globe Telecom. Maybe it is one of the strategies of PLDT-- to lessen the competitor and transform into much bigger operation.


How has the Internet transformed the information gathering and dissemination?

In, todays' life, internet has transformed the information gathering and dissemination. Internet has changed the way we study and work. From sending documents and pictures, buying and selling, ordering a food or anything you want, paying bills, research, and being updated to the current events. Today, in almost everything we do, we use the internet and a technology. It enables us to access information easily and quickly. In just one or few clicks, we can have the information that we want to know and we want to learn. Unlike before, we have to go to a library, scan and read a book just to have a single or small detail of information. By using internet, anyone can share information to other people. People can reach each other easily and share one another's thoughts. We are the 'consumer and also can be a producer' on this internet so we should know how to use it well

Are there more advantages or disadvantages in using the internet? Justify your answer.

Yes. Internet has more advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are faster and easy communication - anyone can communicate anytime and anywhere with the internet and of course, with the gadgets or technology. No matter how distant you are with each other, you can reach one another in just one click unlike before by writing letters and using telegraph. Information resources is another advantage of internet. In just one click, any kind of information you want to know is available online or in the internet through google or any search engines. You can also friends through social networking/media sites. You have an advantage by posting/advertising your product in the internet. You can also find and look for a job opportunities. It also includes there the entertainment you can get from the internet. From watching videos online, downloading games, and even reading your favorite books available online. Disadvantages are theft of personal information like phishing and pharming. Through internet, sometimes our privacy are being revealed and used by others in a wrong way. Social disconnect is another of internet. In other words, we tend to forget the people who is around and close to us because we are focused on reaching those people who is distant from us using internet.

What is the meaning of technophobia?

  • The word Technophobia is derived from Greek word 'Techne' meaning "art, skill or craft" and Phobos meaning "fear or aversion".
  • Technophobia is the constant and persistent fear of technology and, in greater depth, is defined as "the feeling of severe anxiety associated with using anything technologically advanced".
  • Technophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of technology. This phobia relates especially to an unreasonable fear of computers. While one might expect certain people, especially the elderly, to be resistant to technology, people with technophobia are averse to technology to a point at which the disorder hinders the normal operation of their lives.

How can one pinpoint a technophobia?

One can pinpoint a technophobia person by these physical signs and symptoms. Feelings of dread or panic, rapid heartbeat and/or breathless/shortness of breath, nausea, dry mouth, trembling, anxiety, dizzy, having heart palpitations, becoming angry, losing control, feeling detached from reality, being unable to think or speak clearly etc. The most common symptoms of fear of technology or technophobia include self-doubt, and avoidance behavior. Technophobia is different from most other specific phobias in that; the phobic is mainly ignorant and does not welcome change. They simply do not understand technology as a result of which they not only fear it but also shun it. Many tend to hate devices, computers and gadgets simply because they are not used to them.

Are there still technophobic around? Justify your answer?

I think, yes, there are. Some people who are not exposed with technologies especially, those people living in areas like mountains. Those people who keep their culture and prevent from adapting new one like using new technologies. Also, the elderly person who's difficult for them to learn new things because that's not what they usually do or practice and accustomed with. I am not saying that all people living in the mountains have a fear of technology, the same as the elder ones. There are also technophobia person who has a trauma of facing computers/technology because of his/her bad experience like being bullied or engaging in cybercrime.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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