Bullying and It's Effect on Students

In many schools today it is hard for students to do well due to constant harassment by their classmates. Studies such as “The Effects of Bullying on Children in School” have shown that bullying may lead to depression, low self-esteem, mental illness, and even suicide. According to Bullyingstatistics. org rates of Bullycide, a term used to describe suicide as a result of severe bullying, have increased by 50 percent in the past 30 years. At the same time suicide has become one of the main causes of death among children under the age of 14.

A study from the Yale School of Medicine believes that there is a strong connection between bullying and suicide (Peart). After being affected by bullying, many students tend to be scared to ever step foot in school again. Bullying is a major issue, because it harmful to both student performance in school and there mental stability. Currently there are many ways to prevent bullying and lower it effect on students such as, people gathering around in group sessions and discussing their problems with each other (PromotePrevent).

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There are also many severe consequences for people who bully, for instance many schools give detention, suspension, and even expulsion for various types of bullying (Ball). However research has shown that the best way to prevent bullying is for communities to unite and get involved in social issues in there school, they must a set a strong example and instill fear in the hearts of all who even try to bully. Although Bullying is extremely harmful to the academic advancement of students, many people believe that bullying is acceptable and that bullies should not be penalized for their actions (Carpenter).

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Many people argue that suspending a bully for their actions is immoral and that it is not a reasonable solution because of various reasons (Carpenter). In many cases suspending or expelling someone for bullying has induced that person with hatred rather than regret (Carpenter). Instead of a suspension schools must have a discussion with the bullies and try to sway them from their tumultuous behavior in school (Lawrence). However research has shown that iscussions to better the behavior of bullying has only been effective for a brief period of time and diminish as time goes on, the better solution is by far having severe consequences to get rid of bullies (Ferguson). On February 23, 2012 Joanna Ramos, a 5th grader attending Willard Elementary School got punched by one of her classmates (Browning). Joanna’s mother immediately came to take her home however Joanna started complaining about having headaches so her mother rushed her to the hospital.

Even with Emergency surgery Joanna was pronounced dead 6 hours after she had gotten punched. Joanna’s fight was said to be about a boy in school. This tragic story illustrates the horrors of bullying and the detrimental outcomes that can occur if bullying does not stop. Joanna suffered from Physical Bullying which is just one of the many types that exist. There is also Verbal Bullying, Social Alienation, Indirect Bullying, Intimidation, and even Cyber bullying (Different Types of Bullying). All types are harmful in their own way.

Bullying is prevalent in many students’ lives. According to “Bullying Statistics 2010” over 56 percent of students had reported witnessing bullies occur. These numbers are shocking because Bullying greatly affects students’ academic performance in schools, therefore these statistics prove that many students are suffering academically due to bullying by their fellow classmates (Martin). Bullying can be harmful to students both emotionally and physically. Either one is very damaging to a student’s academic career. Bullying Statistics 2010” reported that 15 percent of all students who decided not to show up to school did so because they were fearful of being bullied, this is an example of indirect bullying which is defined as a bully threatening someone else and frightening that person (“Different Types of Bullying”). Out of a nationwide pool 71 percent of students have said that Bullying is a problem at their school (Bullying Statistics 2010). One out of every 20 students has seen a student with a gun at their school (Bullying Statistics 2010).

These numbers convey that many school environments are unsafe and are not fit for good academic enrichment. Research shows that Fourth through Eight Grade are the school years where bullying occurs the most (Bullying Statistics 2010). Many people who are bullied are bullied just because of the way they are. For example according to “Kidshealth” two of the main reasons students are bullied is because of social status and appearance. This concludes that for many students it is not their fault that they are the way they are, they were born with that appearance/social status.

In today’s society racism still exists even in the lives of children (Kidshealth). Many students today are constantly harassed because of their race or religion. This is despairing because not only does it cause depression for many students but also self-hatred. Lastly the main targets of bullies are children who are both shy and easily manipulated (Healthwise). Bullying however is not only harmful to students it can also be harmful to ones who do it. As reported by “Healthwise” children who bully in schools tend to continue their bad habits into adulthood and are likely to commit crimes.

Every Bully has their own reason to bully. It can either be mental issues, anger management, and even witnessing violence or aggression at their homes which causes them to be violent and aggressive toward other people (Healthwise). According to “Healthwise” most bullies do not even have a moral standard, and often do whatever they want. This causes bullies to not think in school and cause a lot of harm to others. Many bullies have a constant need to harass their peers, who cannot, or are afraid to defend themselves (Healthwise).

It is either through physical, verbal, or emotional harassment. In reference to “Think Quest” intimidation is a useful perk many bullies have because they are feared by most of their classmates. Bullies can intimidate their classmates and force them to do things such as giving away their lunch or doing their homework (Think Quest). If Bullying is not stopped it can lead to many horrible results in school. Bullying immediately causes a school to become a hostile environment, which causes many students to become fearful and distracted from their school work (Martin).

Which will in turn lower their academic achievement and prevent them from performing well on tests and quizzes. As stated by Erin Monahan, Writer of “The Effects of Bullying on Children in School”, many cases of bullying have long-term effects, the worst being cases such as Anxiety and Depression. Bullies can cause their victims to have these illnesses by constant harassment (Martin). In order to combat Anxiety and Depression, Psychologist Mark Doben says, “Victims must learn that they are acceptable people who something to offer to other people. Physical Disorders are also prevalent possibility that many victims of bullying may go through (Martin). For example constant physical beating administered onto a student can lead to fatigue, stomachaches, and headaches (Martin). Indirect sicknesses, such as a urinary tract infection, can occur due to a student choosing not to use a school bathroom because they are too fearful of getting harassed by a bully (Monahan). There is also the likelihood of students who get bullied harass other students the same way that they were bullied (Monahan).

The effect of bullying are extremely destructive to students and hurts them in many different ways, it prevents many of them from being able to focus in class which in turn causes them to receive bad grades (Monahan). Many students choose to even stay home by making excuses to their parents or even not showing up to class just to prevent further harassment (Monahan). The sad truth of bullying is that although there are many movements in place to prevent it, it is not nearly enough to stop it entirely (PromotePrevent).

Many people do not realize the magnitude of bullying and the colossal negative impact it has on students (Kaledin). School Administrators and County Supervisors must create more movements to put a stop to Bullying (PromotePrevent). Rewards must be given to students who attempt to stop bullying (PromotePrevent). More group discussions must be put in places that are led by skilled Psychologist (PromotePrevent). Most importantly teachers must get into the social lives of their students and figure who is bullying who (PromotePrevent).

For many schools today the problem is that they can never figure out where the bullying is starting and why. This is due to several factors (Monahan). One reason is that many students who are being bullied are far too fearful to reveal to anyone that someone is harassing them (Monahan). These students withhold from telling anyone that they are being abused because they do not want to tick off the person that is bullying them because they may cause even more severe harm to them (Monahan). Students who are too afraid to talk about their problems need to learn that are not alone and they can receive help (Monahan).

In order to stop bullying schools must be transformed from a hostile environment to a unified environment that will not harbor any type of bullying whatsoever (Monahan). Students are not the only ones who are bullied at school. Many school systems and employees of the schools are being bullied (Burns). According to James Burns the writer of “Bullying a Historical Perspective”, there have been multiple situations in which teachers are harassed by parents of students, because the parents do not like what is being taught to their kids. These complaints made by the parents are usually because of race and religion (Monahan).

For example the Holocaust has been criticized many times specifically by Muslim parents to not be taught in the School Curriculum (Monahan). This puts many teachers into awkward positions because they do not want to go against parents and teach their kids something that they don’t want to be taught however most of the time they have to because what the parents might not want to be taught could be crucial to the course, and even required in the curriculum. In the novel A Hope in the Unseen bullying is an important theme that helps symbolize the meaning of the book.

The novel is based on the life story of a boy named Cedric Jennings who is also the main protagonist in the book. The novel illustrates Cedric’s captivating life with all the struggles and triumphs. In the novel Cedric attends a public high school in Washington D. C. His High School however, is very bad and is known for having many who do not even make it to graduation. The average GPA at his high school is not even 2. 0. Cedric’s High School is not good for him because Cedric is a very smart boy, taking many AP classes and still managing to maintain a 4. , Cedric is on the brightest students at his High School if not the brightest. At Cedric’s High School however, being extremely intelligent and bright is not welcomed by his peers. Almost every day in school Cedric has to deal with someone harassing him about being smart. Cedric is harassed both physically and emotionally. At his school Cedric does not have many friends and tends to be a loner, it is very hard for him to make friends because most of the people at his school are into things such as drugs and slacking off. “Oh, look, it’s the amazing nerd boy,” Phillip chides as he approaches.

Cedric tries to slip by, but there’s a crowd up ahead watching a craps game in the hall, causing a backup. There’s nowhere to go… “Why don’t you leave me be, Phillip? says Cedric after a moment. “What’d I ever do to you? ” This quote conveys one of the many times that Cedric was harassed. In this quote Phillip Atkins (the bully) did not even have a reason to be rude to Cedric as he was just walking by in the hallway and just saw Cedric and decided to mess with him. “Inside his room is the only place he can really relax. ” (13) This next quote illustrates how lonely

Cedric truly is, since Cedric is constantly bullied everywhere he goes the only true place he has peace and quiet is his room. This is very horrifying and sorrowful, knowing that poor hardworking Cedric has no friends just because he is a good student and not like the others who just slack off and smoke drugs. “At the start, the assemblies were a success. The gymnasium was full, and honor students seemed happy to attend, flushed out by the cash. But after a few such gatherings, the jeering started. It was thunderous. “Nerd! ” “Geek! ” “Egghead! ” And the harshest, “Whitey! Crew members, sensing a hearts-and-minds struggle, stomped on the bleachers and howled. (3) At Cedric’s High School students who received straight As won a check for $100 paid by the school, although most of Students who won these checks are in dire need for money because their families are poor, most of them decide not to even show up to the assemblies because they know how badly they will be ridiculed and harassed. Cedric was very strong and persevered however he never let bullies bring him down, he always thought of himself as the dominant species and he thought of the bullies as lesser beings.

Bullying must be stopped for it is extremely hazardous to all aspects of student enrichment, and it is also very dangerous to the health of students (Monahan). Every year suicide rates among students have gone up and will keep rising unless we put a stop to Bullying (“Bullying Statistic 2010”). Students facing Bullying must know that they are not alone and that there are many people who are willing to help (PromotePrevent), they must persevere like Cedric did in school and hope for a better day.

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