Bridge Essay Topics

Balls Bridge and Truss Bridges: A Brief Historical Overview

Foreword: I composed this brief and informal overview of truss bridges and Balls Bridge to put this beautiful historic bridge’s history and significance into context. A version of this document with full-color photos is available on my website’s Balls Bridge Page located at www. historicbridges. org/ontario/balls/index. htm which also has more information and photos. The… View Article

Golden Gate Bridge History

The First proposal for the Golden Gate Bridge came from James Wilkins, who at the time was an engineering student. The cost of James Wilkins Bridge was unrealistic at the time which was 100million dollars, but none the less it set the bar for other bridge engineers to try to work out a cheaper solution…. View Article

What I have Learned from Making Bridge

In our recent class competition about making bridge from wood, our group and I have learned a lot of things. The primary thing is that a plan is highly needed before beginning any project. In this case, you must have first a vision of the bridge you want to build. It may help if you… View Article

Analysis and Design of Cable Stayed Bridge

Of the newly-built bridges, cable-stayed bridges are today very common worldwide for spans ranging between 200 and 900 meters. A cable stayed bridge has one or more towers (Pylons) from which the cables support the deck. This paper provides modelling, analysis and design of a prestressed harp type single pylon cable stayed bridge using MIDAS… View Article