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Book Review: Reclaim Your Heart

Reclaim your heart is written by Yasmin Mogahed. She has take many journeys in her book like the journey of Quran, journey of prophet and she also includes her own Personal journey. In her book, she writes about relationships, marriage, hardship, love and she wrote about the ummah and conclude them and she also liked to tell us about the purpose of life that what is the real purpose of life which many of us tend to forget.

She started her book with the attachment.

I am the type of person who loves attachment. I came to realize that all this while I have attached myself to something/someone who is certainly not permanent. Anything in the world has been temporary, just to distract us from our true purpose of submitting Allah.

When you have lost someone who is dearest to you, you lost your place of attachment because human believe that attachment is the one who fill them from emptiness.

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Human did not deal with emptiness any empty space must be fined immediately.

That’s why I seek from one attachment to another attachment and it keeps hurting me. So, it is about time to change my navigation, from attachment to something temporary into permanent that is to the one and only Allah S.W.T.

Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn’t about what others can give you because you are empty. It is about what you can give others because you are already full.

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The writer also explains that our attachments to things should be controlled. A very proven way to break this bond or loss of these things we are attached to is to simply turn towards god. God will always be there even when every other things leaves us.

This book was written to awaken the heart of the reader and gives a perspective about love, happiness and provides a manual of sorts. This book teach people how to live their life without allowing life to own you.

The author Yasmin Mogahed on her book reclaim your heart wrote on her own personal experience and insights. She was gone through a lot of challenges when shaped her into who she is today.

Although, she feels strongly that there are very specific ways on how we should address love to save ourselves from getting our hearts broken over and over again, as she mentions.

Real love, as Allah intended it is not a sickness or an addiction. It is affection and mercy. Allah says in his book and of his signs is that he cresses for you yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them and he places between your affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for people who give thought (Quran 30:21).

Throughout this book, Yasmin Mogahed covers many aspects of life and faith. She reminds us of the purpose of life. In every aspect of life there is a purpose.

The author wrote her book wih a gentle but firm reminder with verses from the Quran. Her work got me tears rolling down my checks a lot of time as I flipped through the pages. The core essence of this book is so intense. It is able to connect a reader to the falling or weakening moments one must have gone through in life as a man. This is one of the best spiritual enlightening books.

Furthermore, the writer explains how unmindful we are as humans to the fact that these things we get attached to in this world, be it material wealth or other things we consider dear to us, were granted by God and be also has the power to take them away from us.

Therefore instead of getting deeply attached to these things why not we get attached to the giver knowing that he has the role power of taking them away and perhaps granting us something better.

The writer enlightens all readers of the book that about one bond we could hold on to that never breaks. Citing the Quran verses, whoever rejects evil and believes in God has the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks.

She lets us know how the search for emotional fulfilments in worldly things is a never-ending one as one never find true fulfillment.

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