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To relate to my classmates, some of the fun facts associated with my birthday, June 30th. All three events are parts of baseball history. Thesis Statement: For almost a hundred years, major league baseball pitchers have had major events on my birthday including Cy Young pitching his second no-hitter, Dizzy Dean striking out 17, and Tom Morgan hitting three batters in one inning. INTRODUCTION 1. Attention Getting Statement. Sometimes, you can predict with a relative degree of certainty what will happen on any given day.

In my case, I can tell you that my birthday will be a day full of baseball. But until I began working on this speech, I had no idea how much baseball history happened on my birthday. 2. Introduce the Topic: I knew I wanted to do a speech about my birthday so I found a website called electricscotland. com via a Google search. I searched for “What happened on June 30? ” This site has a list of birthdays, deaths and historical events that happened on every day.

At first, I thought about just talking about sports events in general and then I narrowed it down to baseball. 3. Preview of the speech. While the site was full of information about spectacular games played on June 30, including a Chicago Cubs game that had two balls in play at one time, I decided to narrow my focus even further and discuss only major league pitching events. First, I’ll talk about Cy Young, then Dizzy Dean and finally Tom Morgan.

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