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To be able to have the entire event completed, I should be able to give a strong impulsive attitude in knowing the different issues that needs consideration in the occasion. These considerations include the wants and needs of the celebrant and the guests who are to be involved in the occasion. It could be observed that through the familiarity that I would have on the personality and the needs as well as the wants of both the celebrant and the guests invited shall help me in becoming highly acquainted within the system of celebration that needs to be processed in arrangement.

More than this, knowing the celebrant had been a huge advantage on my part. It could be noted that our friendship has particularly made the process of knowing what he wants made it much easier for me to take the necessary steps to be able to come up with the right theme that fits his personality and would likely make the process more personal for the celebrant and his guests.

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My interest in the occasion as well made the process of preparing and completing the entire program much easier to bear with. Most likely, this made the process of coming up with the actual plan much effective for application.

Considerably, the enjoyment that I felt in preparing the occasion’s plan contributed to the success that I have made in the completion of the said party. The involvement of Jerry’s girlfriend in the planning scheme actually helped ease the process of completing the occasion’s finalization.

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Her suggestions and the ideas that she has along with my thoughts about the theme of the party went side by side in making the whole occasion strongly manageable and enjoyable. Because of the age of the celebrant, a “kiddie theme” of birthday party is surely inappropriate.

Likely, harmonizing the party celebration’s theme with the age and personality of the celebrant is indeed an important aspect of planning.


Being personally attached to the celebrant both played as an advantage and as a disadvantage on my part as the planner. During the process, it could be observed that being attached to the celebrant made it easier for me to know what he wants, however, it also made me much concerned if he would approve of the theme of party that I may have planned to present to him and his girlfriend at first.

However, accessing the said advantage on my part at best way that it could benefit my planning of the occasion made me more aware on the particular needs of the celebrant thus resulting to a more personally enjoyable party. Most likely, I consider this project as a primary basis of my becoming a more developed planner as well as a more professional events handler. I have learned much too from this particular occasion. One particular learning is that of the main concern of the every occasion whether may it be a birthday or any other parties is that it should not be overdone or lightly treated to be successful.

In terms of values and morale, the parties should be well guarded from any particular misbehavior of any of the guests that may cause commotion during the entire occasion’s completion. Considerably, the process of planning the said party involved so many considerations on the personality of the celebrant and the people that were supposed to be invited during the occasion. Knowing what the said group of people wanted primarily helped during the process of formulating the whole approach to the party.

Efficiency of planning actually made the entire approach to the party process much successful. Having been organized in everything else that concerned the entire occasion’s final completion was an essential primary process for the success of the entire birthday celebration. Fine oversight of a social gathering includes its planning and preparation. This does not require devising a catchy theme to make it unique or memorable, but it surely must be something that characterizes the one to whom the celebration is dedicated to.

One more vital learning that I have garnered from planning this occasion is that it makes sense to invite only as many of your friends as can be supervised properly. Smaller gatherings are less likely to turn into “revelries,” or “wild parties. ” This would make the entire occasion much meaningful and worth remembering for the celebrant. This way, the people invited are sure to have an enjoyment on the most common things that they share for entertainment thus making the whole planning of the party much easier to deal with.

What are some things you can do at a gathering—besides simply watching TV, listening to music, or conversing? Likely, these questions were considerably answered as we tried to know how the celebrant would likely want the party to be completed. It was not simply about the fun or the enjoyment, it was something that needs to have been considered through understanding what the celebrant and his friends needed to be able to remember the entire party as a huge part of their personal advancement and their friendship’s stronger ties later on.

Catering to the needs of more than just the celebrants had actually taught me the importance of being flexible and resourceful in handling the demands of each guest and the ones involved in parties. Likely, this learning could be applied to any other occasion that needs to be dealt with in planning later on. Planning the said party involved so much help as well from all the other guests who were highly concerned in the success of the occasion. This made me realize that asking the people concerned in the parties is a certainly helpful process for the success of any occasion’s planning process.

Having them help in the process of getting all the necessary informations needed for the completion of the plan surely makes the process much manageable and applicable for celebration. This also made the occasion much personal and meaningful for the people who were invited and the person being celebrated in particular. Having an assistance from the people concerned in the occasion actually helped so much in gaining a considerably dine outcome of the party.

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