A Journey Towards Education: Shaping Young Minds

Embarking on a fulfilling career in education, my journey begins as a mother to two delightful teenagers. Cherishing the moments spent nurturing them since infancy, I've witnessed their transformation into hardworking and remarkable individuals. Beyond the realm of motherhood, my professional endeavors include creating an exercise movement class tailored for preschool-aged children, where I meticulously crafted weekly lesson plans to stimulate their gross motor skills. Engaging activities such as hopping on one foot, running, and jumping became essential components, complemented by games aimed at enhancing hand-eye coordination, with the bean bag toss emerging as a favorite.

Additionally, I maintained open communication with parents, ensuring they were informed about their child's enriching class experiences.

Guiding Young Minds in Gymnastics

Venturing further into the realm of education, I dedicated four years as a gymnastics instructor, imparting knowledge to children aged two through nine. In this role, my responsibilities extended beyond teaching fundamental gymnastics skills; I aimed to lay the foundation for more intricate maneuvers.

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Each daily gymnastics session incorporated activities fostering coordination and flexibility. My commitment was not only to deliver an orderly class filled with fun, skills, motivation, and discipline but also to connect with parents on a monthly basis. These meetings served as an opportunity to showcase the children's progress and foster a sense of involvement and awareness among parents.

Empowering Through Fitness Classes

Over a span of fifteen years, I have actively engaged in instructing fitness classes, honing my ability to excel in service-oriented roles. The diversity of participants in my classes, ranging from seniors in aerobics to preschool-aged children in movement classes, enriched my teaching experience.

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Among these, teaching gymnastics to preschoolers proved to be the most rewarding. Witnessing the children's excitement as they learned and mastered new skills, especially the challenging ones, created a profound connection. Building their self-confidence became a top priority, emphasizing the importance of each child.

My commitment to service extended to extracurricular activities, where I dedicated five years as a co-leader for a Girl Scout troop. Planning meetings and outings, I facilitated badge-earning activities, including lessons and corresponding practical activities. Summer camps became platforms for teaching new songs, games, and outdoor cooking skills, contributing to the girls' holistic development.

Moreover, I taught Sunday school classes for two and three-year-old children, implementing engaging lesson plans involving singing, games, coloring, and crafting with glue. These experiences further enriched my understanding of effective teaching methodologies and the importance of creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

Choosing the Path of Education

The roots of my aspiration to become a schoolteacher trace back to my early childhood dreams. Reflecting on my diverse professional background, I contemplated alternative career paths such as Physical Therapy or Personal Training, both rooted in my exercise field expertise. However, the desire to teach and engage daily with children surpassed other career aspirations. Opting for a career in education allows me not only to be actively involved in children's lives but also to contribute meaningfully to society by shaping future generations.

Anticipating the challenges ahead, I recognize the potential for self-fulfillment in overcoming them. The prospect of reaching and making a difference in the lives of challenging students propels me forward. As I look forward to the familiar faces at the end of each school year, teaching provides an opportunity to instill in children a love for learning.

Aspiring Towards Professional Goals

Envisioning the future, my educational journey is set to continue until I graduate with an Associate degree from the College of Southern Idaho. Subsequent years will witness a persistent pursuit of formal education to attain a Bachelor's degree. My dream of becoming an elementary schoolteacher remains unwavering, driven by the goal of providing every child with a sense of importance in a safe, kind, and conducive learning environment.

In conclusion, my varied experiences as a mother, gymnastics instructor, fitness class instructor, and active participant in extracurricular activities have shaped my dedication to the field of education. Choosing the path of a schoolteacher is not merely a career choice but a lifelong commitment to positively impact the lives of young minds. As I tread the path towards my professional goals, I am fueled by the anticipation of challenges and the immeasurable rewards that teaching promises in shaping the future.

Updated: Jan 02, 2024
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