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Biographical Essay Work History

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My work history starts as a mother of two delightful teenagers. I have enjoyed spending time with my kids since they were babies and watching them grow into hard working, wonderful people. In recent years I helped create an exercise movement class for preschool aged children. In this job experience I created weekly lesson plans that included activities that stimulated their gross motor skills. Activities such as hopping on one foot, running, and jumping. We used games to increase the childrens hand and eye coordination.

The bean bag toss was one of the popular games with the kids. I kept the parents informed of their child’s class experiences.

Working for four years as a gymnastics instructor gave me the opportunity to teach young children ages two through nine. I was responsible for teaching gymnastics skills that would build into more complicated gymnastics skills. In the kids daily sessions of gymnastics I included activities that would increase their coordination and flexibility.

I was expected to conduct an orderly class consisting of fun, skills, motivation, and discipline. I met with the parents on a monthly basis to show what the children had been learning in class. I strived to get to know the parents and keep them involved and informed of their child’s progress in gymnastics class.

For more than fifteen years I have instructed fitness classes. Teaching these classes has strengthened my ability to work in a service-oriented job allowing me to establish a good relationship with the participants in my classes.

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It has been my responsibility to produce a safe class that is enjoyable, and productive. My classes have varied in participants including a senior’s aerobics class and a kid’s movement class. Teaching gymnastics to preschool aged kids was the most rewarding experience I had. The excitement of watching the children learn and master a skill was very thrilling, especially when they accomplished a difficult skill. The connection that I was able to make with each child was very satisfying. One of my top priorities was building the kids self-confidence and making each child know that they were very important.

Services and / or Extracurricular Activities I spent five years as a co-leader for a Girl Scout troop. While serving in this job I helped plan the girls meetings and outings. Earning badges was accomplished by finishing a lesson and doing an activity that went along with the lesson. We spent time at summer camps teaching the girls’ new songs, games, and how to cook out doors.

I have taught Sunday school classes that consisted of two and three year old children. My job of service was to teach the lesson plan for the day; we enjoyed singing and playing games, coloring pictures, and using glue.

Reasons for Choosing Education as a Career My dream of being a schoolteacher extends back into my early childhood. The jobs that I have had in the past have helped me in making a decision to become a schoolteacher and devote the rest of my life to teaching in a classroom. Teaching allows me to be involved in children’s lives and I can contribute to our society and help develop our future generations.

Other careers that I have considered were Physical Therapy, or a Personal Trainer. I was attracted to these two jobs because of my background in the exercise field. But the desire to teach and be involved on a daily basis with children far surpasses the desires that other careers offer. Choosing teaching as a career I can have a huge impact in a child’s future.

I will face many challenges along my path of teaching. But I also anticipate rewards of self-fulfillment. Teaching the hard to reach kids is a challenge I will face, and if I can help one of those children along the journey of life I will have made a difference. I look forward to the new faces at the beginning of the year and very familiar ones at the end of the year. Teaching opens up an opportunity to give to our children the ability to love to learn.

Professional Goals In the future I will continue my education until I graduate with an Associate degree from the College of Southern Idaho. My following years I will continue my formal education to get my Bachelor degree. I intend to follow my dream of becoming a schoolteacher in the elementary level of education. I will strive to make every child know that he/she is a very important person to me. I will give them the opportunity to succeed in a safe, kind, and learning environment.

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