Books can change our lives

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Books significantly impact and shape our lives as it can provide a vast and constant amount of knowledge that we can use in a variety of ways. They are also essential tools in education as they serve as permanent references for individuals who constantly need to educate or update themselves with information. In addition, certain books can also serve as a form of relief from the stresses of daily life by bringing us to different worlds and places that exists only in the imagination.

One of the most important uses of a book is that it provides information. Whether it’s simply a basic chemical formula or equation, an economic principle, or a history of a certain country, a book can provide them all. A book on English, for example, can teach us the proper norms of grammar, pronunciation, and also widen our vocabulary, which can all be useful as we grow up and become professionals in our respective fields.

Furthermore, in the field of medicine, books serve as important references for doctors and other health personnel as there are constantly new diseases and cures that are being discovered.

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These professionals in the health field can utilize the valuable information they obtain from a book in various ways such as diagnosing a patient’s disease or looking up a possible treatment for a certain illness or ailment. In other words, the next scientific or medical breakthrough can be found in a book.

Books can also enrich our knowledge of our own culture and background.

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Through a good history book, we can trace how our founding fathers established our country or how the Bill of Rights was created. In short, books that provide facts and detailed information can greatly improve our intellectual capacity as well as our ability reasoning and analytical skills which we often use in our daily lives. Another way that a book can change our lives is that it inspires and feeds our imagination.

This kind of book is usually in the form of fictional novels, plays, and rich literature that can take us to places we never thought we could go to. Whether it’s marveling at the works of Shakespeare, unraveling spooky mysteries with Stephen King’s novels or simply taking a stroll with the pilgrims in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, books that are rich in literature and creativity can inspire us to create a world similar to those that we have read about.

Moreover, these kinds of books provide deeper meaning in life by showing various sides of art and various interpretations of human life. These books can also give us different perspectives in life and can even motivate us to use and express our creative skills by writing books of our own. However, the most significant way that a book can change our lives is that the information that it provides can be shared to other people. This information can enlighten those who are confused and enhance the knowledge of those who are already well-informed.

Sharing the information found in books, especially to the uneducated, can inspire them to work hard and eventually provide a better life for themselves. For example, it is possible that a relatively poor man who constantly reads good books can eventually obtain a college degree simply because he used all the information he acquired from the books he has read. It can then be said that reading books and sharing the information obtained from them can immortalize us in a way as the knowledge we posses is passed down to younger and future generations.

In conclusion, books can change our lives by simply providing us with in-depth information, sources of inspiration, and valuable knowledge that we can use to continuously hone our skills and talents and eventually become better people. Books can make us the next Nobel Prize Awardee, the next CEO of a major corporation, or the next award-winning writer in the future depending on how we use the information we acquire from them. In short, it can be deduced that books are almost a necessity for us to succeed in life and become highly competent and well-rounded persons.

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Books can change our lives

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