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Big Five Personality Traits Model

On the Big 5 Personality inventory, I scored a 96.67% on conscientiousness and 93.33% on agreeableness. I decided to choose these because not only were they my highest, but they were spot on. I can see both dimensions fitting me well, they are a good representation of how I am. I was not surprised to see that these two were my highest because I am aware of how I am and how people see me. I know that I am a hard worker, dependable, and can be counted on to do a good job.

I like to have things planned out and I plan my days ahead of time. Having an agenda and a sense of what I will be doing helps me to pass my day calmly and smoothly.

Whenever I am working on a certain task, I stay focused and work diligently until I get it resolved. If I am faced with a challenging task, I may take a small break but then precede on the task until it finished.

Also, I like to keep all my items organized, and sometimes when I arrive at work I stress out. When I see that it’s not as tidy as it can be, I begin to clean up and make it look tidy in my eyes. Another example is whenever my mom is parking her car, she never straightens out the steering wheel and I cannot stand it. All these characteristics that I just described are the exact reason why I scored high on conscientiousness.

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Overall the conscientiousness facets fit me well. I basically felt like I was just reading what I already know about myself. I also know that I am not the only one that sees myself this way. People have pointed these things out to me at school, work, and even around family. I am recognized by these traits and I think it’s a good thing, it makes me feel good. An example would be at work because I am constantly told that I do a good job by my co-workers, managers, and even the customers. All those comments are greatly appreciated.

Agreeableness is something else that I can deeply relate myself with. I genuinely care about other people’s feelings and wellbeing. I have so much compassion and love for life and people. I see the good in people even if they are not the best. I also forgive people very easily, I don’t even think about forgiving. It’s so weird because in my brain it was like it was forgiven from the beginning which is crazy, I never understood that myself. Imagining people who have a hard time forgiving is so challenging. I have such a big heart for everything, I feel like everything is so personal and emotional.

In my mind I feel like I know people more than I do because I have my emotions involved in their life when they don’t even know it. Sometimes I feel like I care more for others than they do for themselves. This is not just in people, but I also feel the same for animals. Ever since I can remember I would always choose the kitten from its litter that I knew people wouldn’t want. I would choose the scruffier looking one because I just felt sad that nobody was going to take it. One of the facets that I also thought was true was modesty. I think this because I don’t like to be called out and be told that I’m better or even the feeling of that. I do not see myself as higher or above other people. No matter my profession in the future I could not say or think that.

My result on the MBTI was ISFJ, the “Defender”, I thought it was cool that we had the same type. In my opinion this one was a lot more interesting because it has more information than the Big 5. I was able to read more about different areas in my life. Reading this helps me reconfirm the way I am and how I perceive myself and how others do as well. I thought the eight aspects were all great, they were all full of great information. The top three I feel like show me the best in is friendships, career paths, and workplace habits.

I have always felt that the best friends that I have are because we have been able connect at a personal level and emotionally. I am nice to everyone but it’s so true what my type says. It says, the question is if they consider you a friend? This is me because I like to talk to people and have acquaintances, but I have those who I feel deeply connected with that I call my friends. This is probably the reason why I feel like I have limited friends. I love being there for my friends and giving them the support that they need. I go out of my way to help them and see them as my family.

As for career paths I related to this information because there were some things that reminded me of thoughts, I have had myself. I don’t have to have a higher-up position and it’s not something I would seek on my own. I will rather be with others where we can work as a team and feel appreciated all equally for our work. I can work well under someone because I like the feeling of helping them, as their helper. I can say I know myself well because nursing falls right into this and it’s the right personality type.

At work I like to work a group of positive minds and get the work done. I love the feeling when there is harmony, and all is going well. Whenever there’s conflict or stress arising, I do what I can to help the situation lessen. Another thing that is hard for me to say is no so there’s always that chance of people taking advantage of me. Sometimes I notice it, but I still do it because I want to show that it\’s okay and that I will do it graciously. No in a way that they should keep doing it but, in a way, that they can see the good and that they can work in a healthy way and be kind to everyone. I think the big 5 and the MBTI were very interesting!

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