Best MLM Software, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing Software Development Company in India

MLM stands for multi-level marketing, network marketing, direct product selling, chain marketing, referral marketing, people to people marketing, and home based business, pyramid schemes, link marketing. Which are the better as well as easy ways to earning money in free time.
In that business no need to any type of qualification, education, anyone can join the multi-level marketing and make the money from home, internet in your free time.
Sankalp is the leading mlm software development company in india as well as globe and working consistently more than 10 years in the mlm, multi-level marketing software industry field.

Sankalp providing services all over the world and more than 2200 satisfied customers exists more than 30 countries like India, South Africa, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, France, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and many other countries.
Sankalp is the only providing quality mlm software business plans including Unilevel, Binary mlm plan, Matrix mlm, Australian Binary MLM Software, Direct Marketing Software, tri Binary, spillover, Board, UNI – level , Multi-Level Marketing Software India, Network Marketing Software, Network Engineering Software, Party Plan Software, Compensation Plan, Survey Plan, genealogy, 2-up Plan and many other network marketing business plans.

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Sankalp has developed mlm blaster software and features includes –
1. Simple Reliable, easy to use
2. Complete web based mlm software,
3. Multi-currency Supports
4. Multi Language Supports
5. Integrated with Mobile SMS system
6. Integrated with payment gateways
7. Integration with Online Shopping cart
8. Inventory management systems
9. E-Wallet Integration
10. Franchisee Management Software
11. E-pin management software (Secure Payments Systems)
12. Website Replication
13. Smart Cards
14. International Security Standards
15. Incentive Calculations
16. Mutli User Supports
17. Exports reports in word, excel, pdf files
18. Customizable MIS reports
19. Provision for TDS deduction on Commissions
20. Huge, Complex database
And many others features available in our mlm blaster software and customize as per customer requirements.
Multi-level marketing Software is a good domain to invest for and can promise high returns as well. In order to guarantee a profitable business there should be a good balance between the distribution amount from the company and the member’s payout. Product should be chosen which is mutually beneficial and seems of value to the customer.
Our MLM Software System includes Member & Admin Management, Online Genealogy, Messaging, Member Profile, Welcome Letter, TDS calculations, Statistical (Graphical) reports, Incentive Calculations, Cheque printing, epins, ewallet, HelpDesk, CMS, SMS module integration, Auto Backup, Incentive Voucher etc..
Our vast experience in Developing MLM Softwares, enable us to deliver Best software to suit any type of MLM concept in-time. We deliver perfect solutions to any MLM and Network Marketing Software concepts with multiple & advanced features, endless Imaginations & ideas executing and making the project as per the specifications required by clients.
Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Srv. No. 440-441, 1st Floor,
Narpatgiri chowk, Mangalwar Peth,
Opp. Ladkat Petrol Pump,
Pune – 411 011, Maharashtra, India.
Phone: +91 20 41062300
Mobile: +91 9881748645
FAX No.: 020-41062328


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Best MLM Software, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing Software Development Company in India

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