Proposal: Network and Liaison - Best Way to Recruit Senior Employees in Company

After the presentation on the need for human resource planning and the enhanced strategic role that human resource must play in the organization, it was your wish that the human resource department comes up with a method in which new recruitment and selection of senior-level employees can be done I managed to analyze the various selection and recruitment methods and I came up with a proposal that highlights networking and liaison as the best method to select and recruit senior-level employees in the company.

  The proposal notes the method of recruitment to involve reaching out to the organization’s existing network for recommendations or reaching out to non-profits for reference of competent persons. The selection and recruitment method also involves the efforts to build and increase the organization’s current networks with the aim of connecting with new potential employees.

A description of other approaches to selecting and recruiting senior employees is included in the proposal alongside the cost-benefit analysis of the comparison of the highlighted approaches.

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Recruitment Approaches Methods that could be Considered Recruitment Agencies Using private companies and executive search firms could be vital in the selection and recruitment process of senior employees. When using the services, the organization clearly defines the position and the roles and responsibilities that are expected of the senior employees. The requirements for the senior positions are provided by the recruitment agencies, the approach of selection and recruitment has the potential to reduce the time spent in advertising for the job position as the recruitment firm posts and does preliminary screening.

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Through the method, information reaches a broad range of candidates who may be seeking for full-time or temporary jobs.

The recruitment method is also important in keeping confidential information however, the method would be very expensive for the company and professional recruiters do not often have full understanding of the companies that they are advertising, Unsolicited Resumes.  The method would involve potential employees sending their resumes for consideration when a suitable opportunity arises. The manner in which unsolicited resumes are treated often have an impact on the organization when using the method, it would be appropriate to respond with courtesy and honesty regarding the keeping of the job applications for future reference. The method of selection and recruitment of employees creates a pool of available qualified candidates who may help in reducing the recruitment time when suitable job position becomes available.

The employees from within the organization may be part of the pool that strives to advance to senior positions. Nonetheless, the approach to selection and recruitment may have a drawback of a small percentage of resumes having the skills that are required for the organization. Networking and Liaison the method of recruitment involves reaching out to the company’s existing network for recommendations on competent persons who may help in achieving the organization‘s objectives. The method may be the best to use as the candidates may have prior knowledge about the organization and the sector in which it operates increasing the networks of the organization may be of advantage as there may be benefits beyond the existing recruitment needs. The approach can however be a way of decreasing the diversity of the organization A Cost/Benefit Analysis and Comparison of the Approaches of Recruitment and Selection.

While the use of recruitment agencies reduces the time spent in posting and carrying out preliminary screening, the use of unsolicited resumes provides a pool of qualified employees who are available for hire at any time. Networking and liaison would be of value as the candidates reached have prior knowledge about the company, reducing the task of training those who have been recruited. Metrics to use in the Organization when Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Recruitment and Selection of the Senior Level Employees.  The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection of the senior level employees that would take six months after entry into the position would be determined by new talent impact, manager’s selection strength, and new hire engagement. New hire engagement would be used to gauge the performance of the employees on an interval of thiny days after hire.

Managers' selection strength would be useful in creating a rating on how managers ensure the development of talent in the organization. New talent impact is a metric that would help in identifying the talents of the hired employees at an early stage. The Recommended Approach of Recruiting and Selecting Senior Employees the networking and liaison approach would be the most preferable method of recruiting and selecting senior employees. The approach would give room for the development of talent as the existing organization network would likely provide recommendations for the best-qualified candidates.  In conclusion, the use of unsolicited resumes, recruitment agencies and networking and liaison are the various approaches that may be used in the recruitment and selection of senior employees. The use of networking and liaison may be an opportunity for the organization to work with nonprofits in creating cost-effective resources.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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