Being Ethical and Socially Responsible

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It has been established globally that there are many things that needs to be understood when opening a business. Making profit for a business may seem like the top priority but there is more to it than just spending money and making money. Understanding business ethics and social responsibility will guide your business into a better work environment and a better way for consumers to see how your business can impact society. Teaching and educating employees to be ethical or how to make ethical decisions and divert from unethical behavior will aid in making your company grow internally, as for being socially responsible it will develop you company from the exterior with consumers, the community and society.

Business ethics are how a business acts morally towards a business situation and how they apply it to their business. It is common for business or company to introduce the values and morals they have and the standard of professionalism that has to be met.

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Without values or standards, it shows what type business it is, and it can be bad for profits as well as lowering employees’ motivation to work. Ethic concerns that are presented in a business are fairness and honesty which is based on the trust created by their service, product and attentiveness. instead of false advertising, intimidating or misleading; they should be honest and fair with the public and among each other. Another ethical concern would be organizational relationships that comes in many different ways like taking someone idea, plan or thought.

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Pushing someone to conduct in a disorderly way and not reciprocating to a mutual commitment. A more common concern is conflict of interest, with the opportunity to have personal benefit on the employer’s expense it is easy to put personal gain than other.

Communication is a concern that can be avoided by providing relevant and accurate information instead of misleading and exaggerating information. Advertising can always present ethical questions, a company can be sued for false advertising or for not being equipped with the accurate evidence to demonstrate that it is all legal and whatever is advertised is as it is mentioned. Many companies use manipulating words or slogans that can be easily misinterpreted by kids and adults. An example of misinterpret or misleading advertising would be 2014’s lawsuit on Red Bull energy drinks. The slogan used “Red Bull gives you wings” was advertised, along with the slogan, concentration, and increased agility.

The Red Bull company had to pay fines for consumers not developing or showing signs of “wings” and no improvement in concentration and reaction speed. Social factor that affect ethics in an organization would be cultural norms, Coworkers, Significant other, and Internet use. Looking deeper into this social factors, cultural norms is based on an individual’s beliefs and values and they can influence how a person performs in the work environment. Coworkers ideas and opinions can influence other employees’ opinions. Significant others have a similar influence as coworkers but in a more intimate level, it would not just be influencing ideas or opinions but the whole perspective on the situation, causing confusion the ethics from a workplace and home. The use of the internet affects productivity and also the expenses of a company, they may be paying for internet at the workplace, but it is an expense for the company and not personal use.

Personal use of the workplace can have unsupervised employees browsing offensive and derogatory websites. Opportunity influences ethical behavior on how much freedom an employee gets, the decision to be ethical or unethical is up to the employee. Ethic codes are made to influence more ethical decisions even when opportunity is a factor, with the help of the company to enforce policies and procedures that will fall into the outlines for values and standards that they have set for their company. Ethic behavior can always be encouraged by having meeting or making one on one suggestion, as well as having all employees involved in trusting and working together to not develop a toxic workplace. Good ethics can be rewarded with incentives. Social responsibility is the business actives that companies decide to take part off to make a difference in society and also as a business decision making.

The most common way for a company to be socially responsible is by donating fund to give to a charity or a certain cause. It does not have to be only be funds, many companies help when natural disasters hit by sending supplies, medical equipment and having employees deployed to aid as much as possible. This does not just help the business itself but helps the surrounding businesses develop a strategy to be socially responsible. A business should have a strict policy zero tolerance on sexual harassment, this could avoid many lawsuits and lack in motivation on employees. Establishing a hotline can help diminish any type of abuse and harassment. Anti-harassment workshops can be developed to be mandatory for all employees to educate them on what is not acceptable or appropriate comments, jokes or verbal/physical abuse. Any workplace romances can be disclosed with the companies HR department to review what is required for them and how to keep the workplace a professional place.

Any level of employee, whether upper or minor level, should not encourage abuse or bullying among other coworkers and should be able to address this matters to someone even if it is anonymous or not. When employees feel safe in their workplace, it is easier to reduce abuse and harassment. Implementing a program for social responsibility can be made with the following steps: Committing a top executive, planning of the program, appointing a director to implement the program and have the necessary things required comprehensive reports for the social audit. I believe in the socioeconomic model, due to how it reflects the company or business impact of being genuine to help rather than use it a marketing or business decision and only do it for the profit. Socioeconomic makes it more than just the profit they will be gained or benefited from the decision made to impact society. The decisions made will always have an impact in your company, from what your values and standards are for your company to the decision to how impact society. They can either benefit or be the downfall of the company. Resolving the issues of inappropriate behavior, putting an end to sexual harassment and being able to help can give the company a good reputation. More good things come from a good working environment than an unsafe workplace.

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