Becoming a Perfect Pediatrician

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The first pediatrician, Abraham Jacobi to ever open a clinic once said,“ It is not enough, however, to work at the individual bedside in the hospital. In the near or dim, the pediatrician is to sit in the control school boards, health departments, and legislatures”… Becoming a pediatrician requires a higher education and skills that help these doctors fulfill their responsibilities, this career has negative and positive outcomes. In order to become a pediatrician, a person must take four years of medical school, three years to complete a general pediatrics residency, plus an undergraduate degree.

She or he will face many steps for this process. To complete the program and become a “doctor’. The first two years will be just like studying the basics of medical sciences in different areas. However, the last two years is when the person get the hands-on training and that’s the part where they really figure out the area they would like to work in (Jean 2).

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They will learn more than enough. After the 4 years of medical school comes 3 years of residency (Jean 2). It is the most difficult part of the process. There’s another step but it is optional if the person wants to be a sub-specialize (Jean 2).

It typically takes two to four years for this program. It helps to focus on certain pediatric areas of expertise and go beyond the essentials of basic pediatric learning, As they start work she or he will face responsibilities. “They will become more responsible with patients that they are dealing with and also their parents” (Mazzei 3).

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That’ part of what they to deal with, “stressed-out parents” therefore, they have to stay professional and compassionate (Mazzei 2). Going through this will have their emotions going wild, they will see children fighting to get through their illness, then they’ll see children that are sick and parents that are staunch to their children going through it. “The worse thing pediatrics go through is seeing children who don’t get to make it” (Jean 3). They’ll have physical, emotional, and mental challenges (Jean 1).

Pediatricians care exclusively for children from infants through young adults. They practice preventive medicine in healthy children through well-child check-ups to monitor a child’s growth and development. As the child starts having annual check-ups with their pediatric. The pediatric must have a comfortable relationship with the patient (Tish 1). Many parents choose and develop a bond with their pediatrician before the birth of their first child. “Pediatricians often visit their newborn patients in the hospital soon as birth” ( Tish 2). They should trust their pediatric and feel comfortable approaching them with any questions or concerns. He or she should listen carefully to the information that parents provide and address their concerns fully and respectfully. Although many pediatricians continue to see their patients through adolescence, the doctor-patient relationship changes dramatically once teenagers begin to consult with their pediatricians under confidential circumstances without their parents being present. “It is crucial for parents to allow their teenagers to communicate openly and honestly with their healthcare providers” (Tish 2).

Pediatrics have to be in touch with the child until they are an adult, this is a major responsibility for them. Dealing with parents won’t always be easy. They will have many ups and downs during their career. There will be a negative and positive outcome in the process of starting to work as a new doctor. Once they have found a clinic or hospital where they can work at, the “starting salary for a pediatrician is about $175,000 a year which is a very good salary rate” (Andrew 1). “If their medical experience is less, they’ll earn up to $100,000 a year” compared to any other medical jobs, which is pretty good for just a start. In addition, an average “hourly wage for a pediatrician is about $77.60 per hour which averages to about $161,410 on an annual basis” (Andrew 2).

Although it is not the highest paying job ever, he or she will live from this job. If they are considering in opening up their own private family pediatric practice that’ll bring in more money, but they will have to be patient with the process, because they may not get many clients in one week of opening, they will lose and gain clients at the same time. He or she just have to be patient. “With the medical pediatrician field, there are different kinds of jobs available like the general regular pediatrician” (Jean 3) which focuses mostly overall on the health of babies, children, and teens. There are many opportunities in choosing the medical field (Mazzei 2).

Once they start working at a good paste pediatrician will receive clients and start having a lot of work and will face negative outcome like being 24/7 on the phone just in case any patients suffer and need medical attention, receiving email, night shifts, having 300 billion problems! etc. Until they’ve reached a point where they can not do this anymore. After all, this is the whole point in being one. At the end of the day if pediatrics enjoy working with higher education, being in touch with their clients with their responsibilities, and taking risks in a roller coaster, then the pediatric medical field is the one. Having pediatrics make our children healthy, strong and smart.

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