Capturing the Perfect Picture in "A Perfect Picture"

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In "A Perfect Picture" some choices are made unclear to the situation of the death of the granddaughter. James Alexander Thom, a reporter, who tries to get a "perfect news picture" when the grandfather is turned around. The most difficult choice thom had to do was whether to take the picture or walk away. The moral of thoms decision was to show that being able to know when to do something and not to do it. With every pulsing moment that thom had made; his decision was made final.

Thom made the right choice of not taking the grandfathers picture. At the beginning of "A Perfect Picture" thom had come across a story that could of possibly changed his career. Thom was "driving to a scene I didn't want to see" in which was a tragic accident. At the scene, thom had come up to an old man, who had ran over his own granddaughter.

Thom had noticed all the other reporters engulfing the old man, but soon enough they all walked away.

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Thom soon realized the whole situation when the grandfather had told him what had happened. Thom had finally realized after being at the incident and noticing the grandfather in his sorrows that he had to change his mind about the whole ordal. Thom was debating about whether he should give a picture of the grandfather, but he decided not to. He was also skeptical about all of the things that had occurred earlier on the scene. Thom wanted to find out all the facts about what was going on in the investigation, and as soon as he did he was hesitant on making personal choices.

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When noticing the family in despair, he was lacking the comfort, because of the feeling lost by the relatives. So when thom was making the notions in his head of what to do, either to publicized the reenactments by taking pictures of the individuals or to keep the individuals that were present confidential. Not everyone could have an opportunity like thom did with the grandfather. Most people would rely on something as important as that picture, because sometimes knowing when someone could have seen something important in front of them it could possibly change their life. Everything has a purpose to it; just like how thom didn't take that picture.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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