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How it Be a Pediatrician?

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“It’s easier to build strong children, than to repair a broken man” – Franklin Douglas

A lot of kids when asked “ what do you want to be when you grow up” simply say a cop, or a firefighter or a doctor just the most known things. But they don’t realize what they actually do.

The job of a doctor is very important. They help people get better and save peoples lives. And a firefighter, goes and puts out a fire at a place when people are in danger.

And a cop helps to solve crime and take away bad guys… But a pediatrician is special because they work with kids. And children are our future maybe one day a kid that someone might help becomes a doctor also.

The career of a pediatrician is interesting. There is a lot of schooling involved. They will need a degree in biology such as at baylor university.Hers a little bit about Baylor.

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Baylor University is located in Waco TX. The acceptance rate at baylor is 44.00%. 13,856 people go to Baylor University. There is also extracurricular activities such as, Sports, The Arts, Internships, Volunteer work, Photography. The Baylor University’s mascot is a bear. They have cafeterias for people to eat at, as also they have food courts with Chick-fil-a and Starbucks and also Panda Express. The first year students have to live on campus for their first two semesters. There is First year communities, Living Learning centers, and Residential colleges. Many students choose to continue living on campus by living in a upper division community or renewing their membership in a living learning center or a residential college.

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If someone decides to go to Baylor they must have a 3.64 GPA. Baylor University has been ranked 78 in 2019 editions best colleges in national universities. Baylor’s tuition fees are about $45,000. The student community is active in faith based activities. The most popular majors at Baylor University include: biology/biological sciences, registered nursing, marketing management, psychology. The rate of student satisfaction is 89%. Baylor has a great review on how they teach the students.

A career of a pediatrician has a salary of $205,000 a year. It depends on where they work, such as if they decided to work at a school there pay might be lower. But if they worked at a private practice it would be more. And also a hospital, there would be two types a surgical pediatrician or a physical pediatrician. The highest you could be would be the chief of pediatrics. The pediatrician must graduate high school. Go to a 4 year college and major in biology, residency at a hospital, and get board certified.

There is also different types of pediatricians. Adolescent Medicine Pediatric Cardiology, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Pediatric, Emergency Medicine Pediatric, and Endocrinology Pediatric Gastroenterology. A pediatrician isn’t just a doctor who only works with kids sometime they work with them until they turn 21 years old. A pediatrician does many things to make a kid healthy such as: They do physical exams, give vaccinations, watch a child grow and make sure they stay on the growing health track ( mental health and physical health ), diagnose a child’s illness and treat it with the right medicine or the injury that the kid might have, and also give good information to a parent and tell them what they could do best for their child. There are also other reasons to go to a pediatrician, They have special training in children’s health. They only see children in their practice, so they have a lot of experience in recognizing and treating childhood illnesses.If your child was born early or has a health condition that needs close monitoring, a pediatrician may offer more specialized care. As I said earlier in my paper, kids simply just want to be a cop or a doctor maybe because they pay good but they don’t realize that it takes long time and work and schooling to become something great to make strong children to become extraordinary.

As you read my paper, you know that becoming a pediatrician takes hard work. And that when you want to be something you go for it. A pediatrician can help little kids and help. You might of heard the saying, people who are doctors basically live at the hospital. Well that’s just how you know they are to be there and help. I also talked about baylor university they are also a good school and they have a great program. Know that when you go to the doctor those doctors worked really hard to be a doctor and to help you when you are sick or injured or your kids need help they are there to help.

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