Bashing on TV by Michael Abernethy and Wonder Woman by Gloria Steinem

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In the beginning glance, the articles Male -Slamming on TELEVISION by Michael Abernethy and Marvel Woman by Gloria Steinem would not seem comparable at all. However, if you take a much more detailed look at these 2 articles you will see that they are similar in many methods along with various in several others. Comparing and contrasting is import since it shows concepts about the short article that we may not have discovered previously. In the article Male-Bashing on TELEVISION, it talks about making use of media and the affect that it has on our society.

This short article's function is to expose the method the media depicts males.

The media explains men as sluggish, dumb, and no great. These views have an extreme method of affecting society today. Abernethy's short article reveals numerous television programs that have male characters in them recommending that males are worthless without females. According to Gender Problems in Marketing Language, "tv representations that help create or strengthen unfavorable stereotypes can lead to problems with self- image, self- idea, and individual aspirations.

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" In the article Marvel Female we see how the comic super- hero Wonder Woman was a discovery for ladies around the world, and a brand-new way to represent ladies.

Although, the question seems to remain whether or not her character was signifying was something that adversely affected our society or helped females to recognize themselves. This article also stresses the significance media and entertainment has on people and how these images assist mold and form the characters of people today.

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Wonder Female was viewed as an ideal independent and strong female who never ever needed a guy. Steinem exposes Wonder Lady as a character that was used to sway ladies into accepting females's liberation.

Steinem keeps in mind that, "women get an uncommon message of self-reliance, of depending upon themselves, not even on Marvel Female. You conserved yourselves, as she states in among her inescapable morals at story's end. I just showed you that you could." These two posts have numerous resemblances. For instance, they both bring to attention the affect that media has on our society. Individuals all around the world are aiming to these shows/ characters and admiring them. They are using precisely what the media "feeds" them to build their own beliefs and morals.

Also, both of these articles expose important issues in the world many people seem to disregard or not notice. Male-Bashing on TV and Wonder Woman are both articles that expose the truth and the media for how it has an importance on how we, as humans, behave, believe, and interact with others. As well as the similarities, these two articles differ in many ways. Male- Bashing on TV discusses how men are portrayed on television and Wonder Woman talks about how women are identified as strong and independent. They almost are complete opposites . The article Male-Bashing on TV notes that men are described as nothing without women.

They are looked at by society as pathetic and silly. In Wonder Woman it talks about how women do not need men, and how women are independent without them. It is almost amusing how these two articles use each other’s extreme stereotypes to make their points. In closing, I would say that comparing and contrasting really reveals how the author might have looked at the issue and also shows us, as readers, the differences and similarities between two articles. Despite the differences among these two articles, they are more similar than people may confer.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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